I'm a sucker for those little teases you see on social media. I love getting a taste for a book I've never heard of or an author I've never read. Plus, there's just something about the actual act of teasing that's fun. And since in the past week I dealt with revisions on one book, edits on another, as well as filling out art and cover sheets - I'm ready for some fun.

So I'm sharing a few teasers with you today.

“I find myself doing unforgivable things, wishing for impossible things, in order to be with you.”
~ Her Royal Masquerade

So with every ounce of freedom she possessed, the princess of Mezzano held tight to her bodyguard’s soft cotton shirt and drank him in. She let her heart race, her body heat. She let go of all the restrictions and expectations she’d always had to deal with because of her title, and for a moment, a young woman named Angelina simply kissed a man called Rico.
~ Her Royal Bodyguard

He thought of nothing but the sweet way she responded to his touch, the possessiveness that crawled inside him. The primitive instinct to claim her as his.
~ Playing for Real

He wanted her more than he wanted his next breath. He almost reached out and touched her. Almost drew her into his arms. Almost plunged deep inside her so they could both relieve their aching need. The only thing holding him back was his stupid promise to her. It had to be her choice.
~ Silken Canvas

He wanted to touch her again. Really touch her this time. Play with the fringe of hair around her face. Nibble on her pretty little ears. Kiss the bare nape of her neck. He grasped both ends of the pizza box. He was in big trouble.
~ The Ride of Her Life

Two could play that game. Meredith put her hand on his thigh. It was so hot and hard.
~ Voluptuous

I hope you had fun with my little teasers today. And to tease you just a little more...I hope to soon be able to share from my September release from Samhain, The Cottage Next Door :)


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