Finally Settled In

I know I've been MIA for awhile. The move and trying to get myself and the twins situated has taken way longer than I thought it would. But I'm finally getting back into a routine. Now my focus is on finishing Winning Love, which is due in less than a month and I'm behind.

This leads me to the big decision I made over the weekend. I've been creating more time with the 24 hours we are given each day for over a year now. Last year, I had five books come out, I worked a part-time job, helped my sister with my nephew, and was a single mom on top of that. I had no time for me and to give myself more time to get the stuff I needed to get done done I took away from sleep. So 2013 was exhausting.

Going into 2014, I knew I was going to have to make some changes. I couldn't keep going the way I was. I already have an evil ulcer that if I don't stay on my 40mg of Prilosec, I'm asking for a hurting. Trust me, I've tried. That medicine works wonders. LOL.

So on Monday, I put in my two week notice at my part-time job. That's right. I've decided to become a full-time writer. (In all honesty, I already was, it just wasn't my only source of income) This was a huge and scary decision to make. Now I'll admit, I didn't make a ton of money there. In fact, I made an amount so small if you knew what it was you'd wonder why the decision was so huge and scary for me. The reason boils down to this: Fear.

Even though it was small, it was steady pay.  There is a security there. That check kept me BARELY treading water the last two and half years. Without it, I would have sunk and sunk fast. And it was terrifying letting it go. It's still terrifying now that I have. Putting everything on my writing income took a huge leap of faith in me.

BUT, I am going to be happier, less stressed and I've just given myself almost 80 hours a month and every weekend off. That time will be used wisely. It won't all go to writing. I also deserve to finally make time for me too, which this will allow me to finally do.

2013 had no balance. It was all work, edits, writing,deadlines, kids...

2014 is my year to balance my life. With moving into a new place and letting go of the part-time job, I'm already making strides in that. I'm looking forward to what more 2014 has to offer.

Change is good.


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Natasha Moore said...

Good on you for taking the leap, Abby. I was terrified, even while being excited, when I left my day job. But the end of the stress was an unbelievable relief & it's awesome being a full-time writer.