Always a Bridesmaid...Sort of--Part 3

I think I left on in my last post by saying something like, “What could possibly go wrong?” in regard to my friend Ann's wedding.

As it turns out, a whole lot more than you think. Remember, I had reconciled my fate as a mid-life bridesmaid, one who had to wear a lemon yellow taffeta dress and put up with her friend’s bridezilla ways as she recreated her first wedding to replace any memory of it.. I figured the only way to get through the whole ordeal, which is what it was rapidly becoming, was to just mind my own business, hustle down the aisle using my bouquet to hide my droopy boobies, hope the minister talked fast, and pray none of the doves would poop on my head. 

Simple, right? And again, what could possibly go wrong? I mean, it’s not as if I was in charge of releasing the doves or cuing the choir, was it? Nope. Just had to lead the bride to her groom and stay on my feet without my breasts flopping out of my top. And that did happen...

Before I get to the end of this little tale, I have to tell you about the nice young man who had been assigned to be my escort. This kid, at seventeen, was the most well-mannered child I’ve ever met. He could have been a real jerk, given he was assigned to walk an old fart down the aisle instead of a younger, prettier bridesmaid, but he was always polite and nice, making small talk as needed during the rehearsal and being helpful whenever his parents asked him to help out his Auntie Ann with something. I think he’s the son of one of Ann’s besties and so got selected to step in, probably to make the numbers of groomsmen to bridesmaids work out correctly.

Anyway, to have a kid that young be so patient with Ann’s demands (we ended up walking down the aisle three times until Ann felt like we got the cadence of the music just right with our steps), was truly inspiring and made me feel better about deciding to just roll with whole shebang.

And I would have, if the whole shebang had actually taken place, but, well, we didn’t quite make it to the “I do” part. It was nothing really dramatic, as you would imagine, like on the schmaltzy movies where someone stands up during the “if anyone objects” part or where another man or woman comes running in to claim the bride or groom during the ceremony. Not quite that dramatic. However…

The big day arrives and we all get to our assigned places and everything proceeds as planned. I walk down the aisle with Junior in my lemon yellow catastrophe, and four bridesmaids later, Ann majestically strolls toward Ed to the strains of a choir singing something like Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. She gets to the altar and we’re all standing there and Ed, who hasn’t taken his eyes off Amy, suddenly gets all misty. We all think it’s because he’s seeing Ann in her wedding gown, circa her first wedding to The Jerk (yes, she even had her dress re-made to reflect her first wedding). But as it turn out, he’s all misted up because he’s eyeballing Amy, who has been the object of his affections for some time, we later discover.

Well, THAT turned out to be a surprise.

So, Ed is blubbering as Ann walks up. She takes her place beside him and Ed, the “nice” guy, suddenly looks down and starts yammering about how he feels about Amy, who is standing there with a grin that is half incredulous and half thrilled. Ann is standing there trying to figure it all out as this disaster unfolds, and I—the one who just wanted to get through it all without making a fool of myself—made a fool of myself.

As soon as Ed started giving too much information about his infatuation with Amy, I started cackling. Then I started guffawing. Then I became the bridesmaid who couldn’t stop laughing despite the discomfort of everyone else in the venue. So as all this drama is happening, I’m standing there in my lemon yellow prison giggling like a middle-schooler or a maniac while Ann is facing the most humiliating experience of her life.

On the bright side, after Amy and Ed left Ann at the altar in tears, The Jerk, who ended up attending without his new spouse, ran up to embrace Ann and comfort her. This was the longest embrace in the history of embraces, and I laughed the whole time. I have no idea where The Jerk’s wife was, but I’m guessing her future holds discussions about the speedy dissolution of marital property.

I guess the moral of the story—since I’ve not heard any good gossip otherwise—is that you should never miss the opportunity to be a bridesmaid, if anything but for the sheer entertainment factor.

Happy Reading!

Blue: My New Cat!

If you've seen Vonda Sinclair's photo's of her kittens, then you've seen my Blue, first as a newborn, than a playful kitten with his brothers and sisters. I've had him for a little more than a month, and the empty place in my heart left when my dog, Courage, passed away, is healing nicely.

Blue still has that long and lanky body of a kitten, and will one day be a quite large cat, but what strikes me most is his regal and distinct profile, which reminds me of an Egyptian cat statue. Other's have said the same.
 At this very moment, he is sitting behind my laptop with his chin resting on top of the screen, with his eyes closed. I assure you, that won't last long. In mere seconds he'll suddenly come wide awake and go sprinting down the hall speaking a language only he and his kind understand.


The Little Man is Growing!

Two and a half months old! Babies change so much, so quickly. I can't resist showing off some of my pics of the little man. He's smiling, smirking as his daddy likes to say. He's babbling now and interacting and he's so much fun!

Here he is in his 2-month-old shirt.

Here's that little smirk.

What a handsome little man!

Sleeping prince.

And the most recent pic...the shirt says it all!

Happy Monday!


The Ugly Duckling–What if the Tale was Reversed??? The Ugly Swan???

Everyone knows the tale of The Ugly Duckling, right? Poor Swan is big and gangly for his age as he swims among his brothers and sisters, cute little ducks. Give me a break. When is a swan not beautiful
Oh, yeah, I know the whole not fitting in business, but look at your reflection in the pond, you big beautiful bird! I mean, really, the story should have been about the poor duck. What if a baby duckling thought he was a swan? Only he was always too small and couldn’t keep up with his beautiful brothers and sisters
But when he looked in the water, he only saw he was a duck. And then when he found that he was just like other ducks, he’s like, but I hatched with the swans, why can’t I be like them?
The moral of the story is you’re stuck with what you are. So live with it. No sense in regretting what you don’t have. If you aren’t a swan, make the most of being a duck. And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
Black Swans, Texas
Black Swans, Texas
Pelicans, Swans and Ducks, Omaha
Pelicans, Swans and Ducks, Omaha
White Swan Looking at Reflection
White Swan Looking at Reflection, Omaha
Fall colors Scotland, Swan and Cormarant
Fall colors Scotland, Swan and Cormorant
Castle grounds, Swan, Geese and Ducks, Scotland
Castle grounds, Swan, Geese and Ducks, Scotland
Momma Duck and her Ducklings
Momma Duck and her Ducklings
Oh and before I have any duck lovers mad at me, I love all birds, no matter the size, shape, or form, and think they’re all equally beautiful.  I have a ton of duck pictures too, just saying.

Have a great day!
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Hello from the Romance Writers of America conference!

I’m in New York City right now in the middle of the chaotic, loud, overwhelming, insanely energizing Romance Writers of America conference!

Two thousand of my fellow romance authors are here, and 400 of us were part of the “Readers For Life” Literacy signing on Wednesday night in the Westside Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis hotel, with proceeds from book sales going to literacy organizations. This year's beneficiaries are ProLiteracy Worldwide, Literacy Partners, and Literacy Assistance Center 

What an honor it was to share an autograph session with some of the biggest names in romance: Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jo Beverley, Brenda Novak, Julia Quinn and many, many others. I was signing copies of my story The Disciplinarian's Daughter in Secrets, Vol 31 from Red Sage Publishing.

The days of the conference are full of writing workshops, publisher spotlights, agent pitch sessions, marketing meetings – all targeted for romance authors at every stage of their career. The nights are equally busy, spent at publisher dinners, special interest chapter parties or hanging out at the hotel bar. The networking opportunities are beyond priceless. Friendships that start here can last forever.

The conference culminates Saturday night with the Golden Heart and RITA award ceremony, where we honor our fellow authors for their outstanding achievements. Most of us will head home on Sunday, exhausted but empowered, with sore feet but itchy fingers, motivated to get back to our keyboards to create our next love story.

I can hardly wait!


Bakers' Bliss-King Arthur Store

This is the King Arthur store in Norwich, Vermont, which I visited this week. Most bakers are familiar with King Arthur flour, and their catalog. At their home base here, they now have this newly expanded store, a cafe and bakery, and cooking classes.

This store has something to tantalize you everywhere you look.

The flour itself:
Chocolate for baking:
Dishtowels, candles, pans:
Plus they sell bread (naturally) and pastries:
Have I enticed you enough? If you are ever in the area (across the river from Hanover, NH), stop by. You won't be sorry.

Where's the Barf Bag?

In just a few days, I will be boarding my first cruise ship, The Norwegian, along with my sister. It will also her first cruise. I have no idea what to expect, so I am both anxious and excited about the whole thing. Unlike another sister of mine, who along with her husband, has ridden the ocean waves many times and been on many different cruises, I haven't a clue. So I've been asking her questions, lots of questions. By now she more than likely winces when she sees my number come up!

But the BIGGEST reason I'm nervous about the trip, is that I have motion sickness, and afraid I will end up being seasick and have a terrible time. Living in the curvy mountains of Western North Carolina, my poor father pulled off the road more times than I could count to allow me to throw up. I have a good friend who is kind enough to keep quart size bags stashed in the console of her car, but ends up pulling over more often than not. Carnival rides that go round are a no-no.
I've ridden on pontoons, a short ship ride from Charleston to Fort Sumter, and a couple of ferry rides in Scotland. Sometimes I had nausea, but thankfully, didn't barf.
Do you see my dilemma? Wish me luck! I'll need all I can get!


My Brave Highlander in French!

The French translation of My Brave Highlander, Le Guerrier Intrepide, published by Bragelonne Milady, has been released!

The description in French: Lady Isobel Mackenzie est une jeune fiancée qui repousse les avances de son futur beau-frère. Après une dispute qui tourne mal, elle prend la fuite et rencontre le robuste Dirk Mackay, de retour au pays après une longue absence. Dirk se souvient de la belle Isobel qu'il a toujours désirée, mais s interdit de la courtiser, car elle est promise à un autre. Charmée par ce futur chef de clan, elle ne souhaite pas lui attirer d'ennuis et part chez son frère. Il décide alors de l'accompagner, mais cette ensorcelante lady enflamme la passion du guerrier, éprouvant à chaque tournant son honneur.

The description roughly translated into English by Google and myself: Lady Isobel Mackenzie is a young bride who rejects the advances of her future brother-in-law. After a fight gone bad, she runs away and meets the robust Dirk Mackay, coming back home after a long absence. Dirk remembers the beautiful Isobel he always desired but was forbidden to woo because she is promised to another. Charmed by this future chieftain, she does not want to get him into trouble and plans to go home to her brother. She decides to accompany Dirk, but this bewitching lady ignites the passion of the warrior, testing his honor at every turn.

The reviews are coming in! Here is the first one I've found (by Line) and translated:

Here finally is the third... part of "Adventures of the Highlands." Like the second book, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I love this author because she has the gift of describing exciting, breathtaking adventures.

In this third installment, the reader follows the Scottish adventures of Dirk MacKay and Isobel MacKenzie. After ten years of absence and after faking his own death (after two assassination attempts on his person), Dirk MacKay decides to return home to be with his dying father. Then, on the way, he mets Lady Isobel MacKenzie. The latter is none other than his childhood friend he has always loved since his childhood. Now she is on the run after rejecting the advances of her future brother-in-law, Nolan MacLeod. Dirk decides to rescue her and take her back to her brother. A consuming, forbidden passion arises between the hero and heroine. Dirk can't woo Isobel because she is already promised to the future head of the MacLeod clan. However, the MacLeods have always been their allies. Also, he is desperate to prevent a war between the two clans. The honor and loyalty of Dirk will be put to the test, facing the return to his family, the plotting of his stepmother, who remains his enemy within his clan, and especially against the young and captivating Isobel, with nothing to diminish his feelings towards her.

I was captivated by the story from beginning to end. Unlike the first two parts, there is less fighting and more room for intrigue in the plot which gives the novel a somewhat darker side. Although humor lacks a bit in this novel, the fact remains that the pages turn by themselves. We find, with pleasure, the style of the author and the atmosphere of the Highlands. Dirk embodies the brave and formidable warrior who flies to the rescue of a young and beautiful lady. Behind this lies a honorable man, loyal, kind and gentle. As for Isobel, she is a courageous young woman, determined, who dreams of making a love match and especially is irresistibly attracted to this young warrior. However, she did not have a say when presented with her future husband. The story is entertaining, no downtime, twists throughout and easy to read. If you've read and enjoyed the first two volumes of this captivating saga, you'll love this one..."

Thank you, Line!!

The English version of My Brave Highlander is available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo and most other online bookstores in print or ebook.

The audio book version is available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes! You can listen to a 5 minute sample there.

Thank you!!

Life...In the Form of Art Sculptures

boy and his dog reading a book
boy girl bench puppy
And there you have it. The beginning and…the beginning again.
Still working on Billionaire!
Have a great day!!!
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Always a Bridesmaid...Sort of--Part 2

Well, folks, the saga continues. The wedding is a mere few days away, and the lemon yellow monstrosity looms large in my closet after the last fitting from hell. I’ve reflected on why this whole second wedding thing bothers me so much. At least Ann’s second wedding thing. Lots of people get married more than once. Lots of people choose to have elaborate ceremonies for each of their weddings. But how many of them choose to have their second mid-life wedding on the same day as their first wedding, invite the ex-spouse, and continue to insist upon the greatest spectacle in weddings this side of the Mississippi?

This is where my post gets a little sad. I had a heart-to-heart with Ann. Or more like a heart-to screeching shrew. Maybe it wasn’t my business, but, honestly, things seemed to be getting a little bit out of control, what with the doves, the choir, and the pictures that had to have the same exact amount of people in them as the ones taken the first time around (which is why, I suspect, I was offered a bridesmaid role) so they could reproduce the poses from her first wedding. I got the sneaking suspicion that Ann wanted to obliterate her first marriage by having the wedding of the century more than she cared about the impending marriage with Ed. I’m a romance author, so naturally, I’m worried about the second marriage, because, believe me, the first one was toast, and I'm kind of an advocate for the happy ending or at least the potential for one.

Maybe I should have waited until the fitting was over, but after the second time the seamstress huffed at me about my sagging breasts, I was not really in the mood to be pro-“let’s do this thing!” no matter how gleeful Ann looked as she texted someone while I shifted uncomfortably in my dress. I guess I was a little miffed she didn’t defend me, considering my breasts have always been a little on the saggy side and she knew it but let the seamstress continue to berate me and then kind of joined in…kiddingly, of course. So I just asked her a couple of reflective questions.

“Ann, why are you doing your wedding the way you’re doing it?” I asked, holding my breasts up and twisting as the seamstress poked me with pins. Again.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why did you invite The Jerk? Why is it on the same day as your first wedding? Why are you using the same poses in the pictures as you did the first go around? Why don’t you just elope and be happy with Ed?”

Well, let me tell you. Not one of these questions went over very well with Ann. Her face turned red, and she screamed something about me being a bitch and huffed out of the dress shop. I guess that was my answer. The seamstress also took the opportunity to express her disdain for my abundance of belly fat and apparent bad manners by standing up and rolling her eyes.

“That wasn’t very nice. If you were a real friend, you’d be happy for her,” she commented, even though no one had asked her opinion and she didn't know Ann, Ed, or The Jerk. She even sniffed as she turned to get more pins.

“One more pin sticks me, and it’s your job,” I cautioned her, trying really hard to not totally explode. I mean, I could be writing, for Pete’s sake, instead of dealing with this drama.

She totally sneered at me, the very definition of smug. Amateur.

“Jessica loves me and my work,” she said, smiling a more than necessary bitchy smile. “She’ll never let me go.”

“No,” I countered, “but Adam will. He owns the majority share in this shop, and if I say you go, you will go, if you know what I mean. Got it, honey?”

Now, you must know that I’ve never even met the shop owner’s husband, let alone done anything with him that would encourage him to take my word over his wife’s; however, he is a notorious flirt and has a penchant for digging older chicks. Everyone in town, including the Seamstress Ratched poking me with pins, knows this. She stared at me, trying, apparently, to discern from my expression whether I was lying or not. She couldn’t, so she decided to err on the side of caution.

“Whatever,” she groused. I tore off the dress and handed the ball of lemon taffeta to her, because I figure that my bridesmaid gig is over at this point. I’m pretty sure that Ann will never talk to me again, and, right now, I don’t care. My friend is on a path to self-destruction destined to hurt those around her, and I can’t stop her. My only recourse is to go to Ed, who is so damn…nice.

But, alas, this is not to be. Ann called me the next day, all apologetic with all kinds of explanations. She insisted that she still wants me in the wedding and that she just was under a lot of bridezilla, er, bride, stress when she called me a bitch. She still didn’t give me a really good reason for why she seemed to be re-enacting her first wedding, but then Ed called later and we chatted and he seemed sincere in his belief that despite Ann’s desperate need to validate their love with a wedding that is basically an attempt to obliterate any and all memories of Ann’s special day with the The Jerk so many years ago, she loves him more than cooking. Given that Ann owns her own catering business, a business she started after her divorce from The Jerk, I’m letting myself buy into the faith he has in their love.

So, here we are.  It’s just a few days until the wedding that won’t end all weddings but will certainly replace, at least for Ann, the day so long ago that she said “I do” to a guy who ended up doing her wrong. I have no idea if my dress fits, and I couldn’t care less, as long as Seamstress Ratched got all the pins out. I figure my bouquet will hide any issues with my droopy boobies, and this is really none of my business anyway, is it? All I have to do is get down aisle, pose for some pictures, and be happy for two people legalizing their love.

What could possibly go wrong?

An Awesome Review for My Brave Highlander

I loved the new review I received for My Brave Highlander audio book from BookTalk with Eileen!  

Review: This author has a way with words, whether they be the inner dialog of the characters or actual dialog, she is simply one of the best. From Lady Isobel’s escape into a snow storm with a broken finger and little provisions, to happening upon Dirk MacKay and Rebbie when Lady Isobel and her maid were half-frozen, to meeting Dirk’s clan, brothers and step-mother when all thought him dead, to treachery immediate at hand, what a fantastic adventure! With hand clutching my throat the listen captured my Scottish heart.

But how to escape the treachery of Nolan? Would her betrothed, Laird Toran McCloud, not see she could no longer marry him and live under the same roof as his licentious brother?  Would Cyrus, Isobel’s brother, insist she return to her betrothed?Lady Isobel was daring, brave, gusty and still a virgin after her widowhood. Her choice was Dirk MacKay whom she found was all goodness.

Dirk wanted to return to his sick father, after 12 long years away having received a missive from the only man who knew him alive, his uncle.  Would his Da still be alive when he returned?  Would his Da understand why he had to fake his death when dead he surely would have been if he stayed?
Dirk’s step mother, had two faces, one for her sons and the other for her stepson.  She had always hated him and was outraged he was not dead. How would she get what she wanted now?

This story is one I easily could listen to again.  Dave Gillies has wonderful storytellingability with the versatility of his voice, portraying very clearly the emotional mindset of the characters.

Who are characters memorable to me other than Dirk and Isobel?  Rebbie, Dirks best friend who wouldn’t let him take the journey north alone; Haldane, youngest brother to Dirk, twisted by his step-mother’s desires; gifted Aiden, brother to Dirk, who remembered his brother, only wanted to do what is right and honorable; Myra, Dirks step-mother with a blackened heart, who could act so ruthlessly for her sons and what she thought was best for them.

Author Sinclair has woven a wonderfully adventurous story with honorable and upright highlanders who are the perfect heroes.  She never disappoints me as I work through The Highland Adventures.

Thank you, Eileen!!

Here is a sample of the audiobook:

Blurb: Battle-hardened warrior Dirk MacLerie isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He’s Dirk MacKay, heir apparent to the MacKay chiefdom and Dunnakeil Castle on the far north coast of Scotland. When he returns home after a long absence, will his clan know him, and will the duplicitous enemy that tried to murder him 12 years ago kill him in truth this time?

Lady Isobel MacKenzie is a beautiful, young widow betrothed to yet another highland chief by her brother’s order. But when her future brother-in-law accosts her and threatens to kill her, she is forced to flee into a highland snowstorm. When she runs into a rugged, imposing man she thought dead, she wonders whether he will turn her over to her enemy or take her to safety.

Dirk remembers the enchanting, dark-eyed Isobel from when he was a lad, but now she is bound to another man by legal contract, an important detail she would prefer to forget. She wishes to choose her own husband and has her sights set on Dirk. But he would never steal another man’s bride, would he? The tantalizing lady fires up his passions, testing his willpower and honor at every turn, even as some of his own treacherous clansmen plot his downfall.
©2012 Vonda Sinclair (P)2015 Vonda Sinclair

My Brave Highlander is available at AudibleAmazon and iTunes.

Cover Reveal! Her Royal Mistake

The long-awaited book #3 in my Her Royal Romance series will be here within the next few weeks! So I'm thrilled to share with everyone the cover for Her Royal Mistake!

The talented Lacey Savage does it again!

Here's a blurb for Her Royal Mistake:

At the wedding of her cousin to her former fiancé, Princess Birgitte, the Ice Princess, hooks up with one of the groom’s cousins, a handsome hot-blooded olive farmer, so unlike any man she’s been with before. They share a night of incredible sex, but she can’t handle the unexpected emotions that come along with it. So Birgitte does what she does best, runs and hides from her mistakes. But soon, she can’t run or hide from the fact that she’s pregnant.

Leonardo Gullotti’s mother may be sister to the king, but his life revolves around the family’s olive business. He’s haunted by the lovely Birgitte, but he’s not impressed with anyone who would run away from their problems. He’s always been a stand and deal with it kind of guy. So when Birgitte comes to him with her news, he proposes on the spot, even though he knows marrying a future queen means he will have to leave the land he loves.

Birgitte knows her baby needs to be legitimate, but will only agree to a marriage of convenience. She doesn’t want any messy emotions involved. But living with Nardo, and not loving him, might be the biggest mistake of all.

Her Royal Mistake is a stand-alone novel and can be read on its own. But if you haven't already, and you'd like to catch up on the couple who have already fallen in love in the lands of Mezzano and Stagatland, these are the previous stories in the series.

Her Royal Masquerade - book #1 - novel

Her Royal Bodyguard- book #2 - novel

Her Royal Rendezvous - book # 2.5 - short story

If you'd like to be notified as soon as Her Royal Mistake is released, you can sign up for my announcement-only newsletter.


Goodreads Giveaway and a Flower that Shouldn't Be

Goodreads Book Giveaway
A Silver Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
A Silver Wolf Christmas
by Terry Spear
Giveaway ends September 01, 2015.
See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.
Enter Giveaway

Doesn’t that sound like a children’s story title? The Flower that Doesn’t Belong?

Like The Ugly Duckling?

Botanists would have a cool explanation for this. Me? I just think it’s the neatest thing ever. I have never seen this happen on any of the crepe myrtles. I’ve seen this happen on variegated privet that will suddenly sport no variegation on some branches and other such things. But this? Never.

I was actually taking a picture of the desert willow flowers in bloom, which surprised me too. They’re supposed to come out when we have a summer rain shower. No rain showers for the past two weeks, and been near 100 every day. So when I was taking the puppies out, I suddenly noticed flowers! And had to capture them. It’s really, really, really windy out, so I had to hold the branch, hoping that I could get a good shot with my phone, though the flower was still shaking, but I thought it turned out well.
Desert Willow in Bloom
Desert Willow in Bloom

And then I saw the crepe myrtle where it wasn’t supposed to be. I have pink, red, hot pink (watermelon), but this caught my eye.
Red crepe myrtle flowers with one pink flower
Red crepe myrtle flowers with one pink flower

Isn’t that the coolest???

I’m not very good at holding a phone in one hand and taking a picture when holding the branch in the other in high winds, but I thought it turned out well, despite the handicap. What do you think? And best of all, his brother flowers are just as happy that he is there with him, sharing the same branch.
And another great review for SEAL Wolf Hunting!!!

“True love triumphs over all!”

Fresh Fiction ReviewSEAL WOLF HUNTING is a fun, sweet, and character-driven romance. The passion between Lori and Paul gets hotter and intensifies as their feelings grow and become stronger. One of the strengths of this book, as well as this series, is the tight-knit relationships between family and friends. I love how the members of Lori and Paul’s pack support each other and watch out for each other. As always, I look forward to the next book by Terry Spear.  Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted July 10, 2015
Fresh Fiction Review
SEAL WOLF HUNTING is a steamy page turner! Author Terry Spear has another winner with this one as she continues to bring us her bestseller Heart of the Wolf shifter series. The story if filled with down to earth characters, a lot of humor, laughter, sizzle and suspense, making a perfect storyline. Right from page one the reader is thrown into the plot and it continues to build from there. The dialogue is in turns hilarious and serious just what you expect in a couple that are being pushed to be together. Paul has to make a decision that he doesn’t even realize he has already made, just needs it drawn out of him. He is sexy, tough, smart and sensitive to those who belong to his pack and family. Lori is perfect for him; she is also sexy, tough, smart and sensitive. She wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but she won’t be walked on either, not by anyone … including Paul. I loved how she took up her role and was there for the pack when Paul had to leave, proving that they are a concise team that could work together for the better of their people. SEAL WOLF HUNTING is already on my TRA shelf and I can’t wait for more!Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted July 10, 2015

Finally reached 60,000! 20,000 to go! And up to ch 7 on edits on She-Wolf. And walked 7 miles! It was a great day!

Have a super great day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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