Writing Cool in the Heat and the Hawk Returneth

 I've been writing Christmas stories, have jaguar Christmas to write next, in the heat of summer. 100's for the rest of August and for several days in Sept, at the very least. So it's hard writing about winter when it's so hot, but it's refreshing too.

Alpha’s Unwrapped
December 1, 2015
Anthology of Paranormal Authors
Will include: Covert Cougar Christmas by Terry Spear
Alphas unwrapped FB image
Covert Cougar Christmas

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing date has moved up from August release next year, to July!

Cover coming soon!

hawk closeup facing me
Hawk Facing Us
hawk closeup
Hawk looking to the side, but still watching us
hawk turned around
Hawk’s head swiveled around looking for prey–do you see the shadow cast by one of his talons?

The birds saw him before he flew onto the electric pole.

Unfortunately, the puppies scared the birds out of their hiding place in the shrubs, but the hawk just stayed put so I could throw them back into the house (really, they run, I don’t throw them–author license), and grab my camera.

Then I took several shots of the hawk. He is sitting on my neighbor’s pole. But he’s been sitting in my bird seed dish before. And he got hold of something and was eating it in one of my shrubs one day. He actually crawled through my shrubs trying to get to baby sparrows. I ran out with my camera to try to take a picture of him, wondering what he was exactly.

right sideview hawk
Hawk in my privet in backyard
Sharp Shinned Hawk
Sharp Shinned Hawk
great sideview of hawk
Hawk in my privet with dinner in his talons

Have a super great Saturday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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2015 Romance Writers of America conference

I spent the end of July at the Romance Writers of America conference in New York City, which took place right in the heart of the theater district at the Marriott Marquis hotel.

For someone afraid of heights, a hotel room on the 44th floor was a challenge for me...

A long way down!
But it did afford some spectacular views out my window...

Cruise ship on the Hudson river
Sunset over New Jersey

I also had trouble with the hotel's glass-enclosed elevators, which felt like we were in freefall going down to the lobby. GULP!

It was all worth it, though, to be able to be one of 480 authors signing their books at RWA's Literacy signing, which raised $48,000 for various literacy organizations. The event was overwhelming!

At the Literacy book signing

The conference itself was exhausting but energizing, and if there’s one thing during the jam-packed four days that I regret, it’s that I didn’t take my cell phone to a late-night workshop titled “What Really Happens During A Cover Model Shoot?”

Photographer Kim Killion of the Killion Group shared some deep, dark industry secrets, like… she sprays a male model’s chest with PAM cooking spray to give it that sweaty, glistening look! And this one… she has a male model do 20 push ups before shooting his (now) bulging, vein-y muscles for an impressive Highlander-in-a-shirtless-kilt pose, LOL! 

Kim also passed out cover model calendars, so even though I didn’t take pictures at the actual workshop, I can treat you to the cover model she used… meet Harvey, in (almost) all his glory!

It was a wonderful, overwhelming, crazy, inspiring, action-packed conference, the kind that makes you itch to get back to your keyboard and start creating some sexy, happy-ever-after stories.

Until next month!


Grandma vs Zombie Sex

I've been a grandma for a while now and like to think that I'm fairly decent at it. However, lately, I'm beginning to wonder. I'm beginning to wonder because things keep cropping up that I find myself at a loss to explain. I feel like, and grandmas everywhere will relate to this...a mom.

Yes, that's right. I feel like a mom again in that insane "What the hell do I do/say now?" kind of way. I had this illusion that grandparents were somehow exempt from that, as we can just say, "Go ask your mom or dad" when the hard questions crop up. And this worked for me because even when mom and dad weren't around I've always been able to offset every question I've ever gotten from a grandkid with some kind of explanation, even if I had to fake my way through it.

Grandkid: Grandma, why is the sky blue?
Me: When the angels weep their tears are trapped in our atmosphere. Their tears are blue.

Grandkid: Grandma, what is peanut butter made from?
Me: Peanuts and butter.

Grandkid: Grandma, why does Santa Clause wear a red suit?
Me: Because he looks really good in red.

Grandkid: Grandma, why do horses run so fast?
ME: Because someone is chasing them.

You can see how I thought I had a handle on the "hard questions." I thought I was a natural, born to be a super grandma. However, my grandson, Ian, threw me a curve the other day.

Ian: Grandma, how do zombies have sex?
Me: Umm....umm....umm....

I've had some interesting sexual experiences, but never one that I can recall with a zombie, at least while I was sober, so this kind of caught me off guard. I had no prior experience to draw on, unless you consider dating that one really boring guy in college. I didn't know what to say. I mean, what the hell do you say to a question like that?

I took a deep breath and another and...another. I've written some crazy sex scenes with the undead, but never with a zombie included, so I relied on my experience with The Walking Dead and World War Z to get me through.

Ian: Grandma, how do zombies have sex?
Me: Umm....umm....umm....well, like anyone who really likes to eat humans and is hungry all the time has sex. Why do you want to know?
Ian: Because there are so many of them in the movies and they don't take very long to be made and it took a long time for Remi to come out of Mommy's belly and if it took that long for zombies there couldn't be that many, could there? So I thought they had fast sex or something.
Me: (sniffling because Remi is Ian's baby sister and he couldn't wait for her to be born) Well, honey, zombies are made a different way. From a virus, I think. By the way, do you know what sex is?
Ian: Sure. It's where mommy and daddy decide to make babies and close the bedroom door a lot.
Me: (somewhat relieved) Yep. That's it.

So you can see that I made it out of that one in the clear, but what about the next one? What happens when he asks me harder questions, like why Donald Trump is actually in the running for president? Or if vampires really sparkle in the sunlight?

I fear I'm losing my touch, my grandma touch. What happens when Ian asks a question I don't have a ready answer to?  Hopefully, I'll have this grandma thing figured out by then, but I don't know. Any suggestions? Please do share.

Kitten Promo!

I'm glad to say I received my copies of the French edition of My Brave Highlander. Kaylee's kittens are five months old now, almost grown, so I've given them work to do, helping me promote my books. LOL

Bluebelle and Pixie check out the books. "These smell good, like box."

"Look! It haz Highlander on cover!"

Bluebelle and Jax

"Hey! Buy these books!" Pixie


"Don't touch my mousie!"


Bluebelle loves the toy mouse.

Kaylee (mama) in front and Jax (her son) behind.


Jax is looking Egyptian here.


Jax has one white whisker. :) Bluebelle is posing.

Pixie and Jax.

Thanks for checking out my pics!

New Release, a Secret and a Sale

Finally! Her Royal Mistake, the long-awaited book #3 in the Her Royal Romance series is here!!

I'd planned to have this book release in 2014 and I want to thank all my readers who have patiently waited for Birgitte and Nardo's story. If you follow this blog, you know about the family emergency last year that had me running to Florida to be with my parents for five months. No writing happened during that stressful time. But the problems with the book started before then. I'll let you in on a little secret. I'd originally planned for Birgitte to end up with Prince Stefano, Vittorio and Angelina's brother! The story wasn't working, but I hung onto that premise for longer than I should have. After I wrote Her Royal Rendezvous for the charity anthology, Love Is... and met the lovely Liliana Gullotti, I realized she had a large family and her sexy brother, Nardo, was the perfect hero for Birgitte. I'd started the story with these two characters before heading to Florida, and I've finally finished it. I'm pleased to say I think it's now one of my favorites!


A night of passion leaves the princess pregnant.

Birgitte, the “Ice Princess” of Stagatland escapes her narrow and empty royal existence with mindless partying. A wild night with a handsome olive farmer leaves her with a problem that can only be solved one way…a marriage of convenience. Raised by cold and judgmental parents, Birgitte knows nothing of love but is determined to do her duty to the royal line.

With royal blood in his own veins, Nardo Gullotti is a man of honor and proposes as soon as Birgitte mentions her pregnancy. But passionate and earthy Nardo can’t be satisfied with a marriage in name only. He is entranced by the lovely Birgitte and determined to shatter the ice around her heart…by any means necessary.


“Take me to bed,” she murmured, her lips brushing against his.

Nardo scooped her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing at all, as if she wasn’t nearly as tall as he was. He carried her over to the bed and dropped her onto the jumble of bedclothes. His smile warmed her even more. He slipped off her shoes, tossing each one over his shoulder. She didn’t bother to notice where they landed.

“I never thought I’d have you in my bed again.” He stripped off the rest of his clothing while he talked, his gaze never leaving hers. “It made me sad because I enjoyed very much giving you pleasure. Being pressed up against you, skin on skin. You’re beautiful, but it was your taste, your touch that drew me to you. That made me desire you again.” His smile made her shiver. “That makes me desire you now. Naked. With me.”

“Did you talk this much before?” Her amusement was clear in her voice. “If so, I don’t remember.”

He lifted a brow. “You don’t like my words?”

“I like your words a lot, but I’d like it more if you would stop talking now.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I can think of a much better use for that charming mouth of yours.”

His wicked smile sent chills over her and when he crawled onto the mattress and between her legs, she threw her head back and let him charm her with his mouth, his lips, his tongue. His breath was hot on her thighs as he rained kisses along her sensitive skin. She moaned when she might have cried out. She couldn’t forget they were not alone in the house.

“So you like my mouth?” He nipped at the spot behind her knee she loved him to play with.

“I like the things it does.” She gasped. “Do that again.”

He looked up at her with a smile in his eyes. “Ah, so now you are back to commanding me, principessa?”

She reached out and threaded her fingers through his silky hair. “You can have your turn telling me what you want me to do. As before. Just do that thing again. Now.”

“This?” He scraped his teeth over her skin and she shivered.

“Yes,” she hissed.

He nipped her once more, then kissed that sweet spot before he moved between her thighs to taste her there. She arched her back as he swept his tongue over her. He could do whatever he wanted with his talented mouth and she’d beg him for more.

No, not beg, command.

Maybe not command, ask. Ask for more.

As he played with her with his mouth and she writhed beneath him, she thought that maybe she would beg after all.

The digital version of Her Royal Mistake is live now at Amazon. B&N and iTunes should be live soon. And the print book will be available as soon as I okay the proof.

And now for the sale! In celebration of the release of Her Royal Mistake, book #1, Her Royal Masquerade is on sale for only 99 cents for a limited time! So if you haven't given the Her Royal Romance series a try, this would be the perfect time! All books are stand-alone contemporary royal romances, where sexy royals fall for the common man - or woman! Pick up Her Royal Masquerade for only 99 cents!

Her Royal Romance series

Her Royal Masquerade #1 (Vittorio and Mia)
Her Royal Bodyguard #2 (Rico and Angelina)
Her Royal Rendezvous #2.5 (Tony and Liliana)
Her Royal Mistake #3 (Nardo and Birgitte)

New Cover Reveal! New Teddy Bears!

So many other things are going on, like usual, I totally forgot to share the cover for the new release coming Feb 2016!!!

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep
Don’t you guys all wish you had those abs? And, ladies, don’t you also? If he was yours, I mean, of course. lol :)

My dad used to say, “Yeah, but when they get older, those muscles all turn to flab.”
I’m over halfway done on Covert Cougar Christmas!

Then I need to get cracking on the jaguar Christmas story!!

Peacock Bear in early morning light

New Peacock Bear

And New Blue and Purple Bubblegum Bear

Purple Bubblegum Bear
Purple Bubblegum Bear

Back to writing on Covert Cougar Christmas! Have a super Saturday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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A Little Bit of Ugh

I gained five pounds last spring. After maintaining my weight for almost four years, that ticked me off. It wasn't my fault necessarily, but, still, it was hitting me hard, and I couldn't understand why.

Until I watched a fitness video. Then I understood.

All through this fitness video the instructor kept referring to getting a "bikini body" and getting ready for swimsuit season (it was an old DVD), as if being prepared for the scrutiny of others was justification for reviewing my body and coming up with ways to make it better. The first couple of times I heard it, I didn't flinch. However, by the last 17 or 18 times, it kind of got on my nerves.

Look, I realize that I don't have what one would call a traditional bikini body. However, I simply don't care. Wearing a one-piece swimsuit, which I've blogged about before, makes me feel like I'm being suffocated by a boa constrictor, so my choices are limited. There are tankinis, which I refuse to wear on principle, and bikinis, which suit my need to be as clothing-less as possible while still being legal.

The instructor in this video acted like the only reason to work out was to get "bikini ready." But I don't buy it. I did the work out to get healthy--to maintain my musculature, to lower my blood pressure, and to up my stamina. If people don't like the flab hanging over my bikini bottoms, they don't have to look at it. Since when did it become my responsibility to get ready for summer by making my fat less offensive to others?

As summer winds down, I still try to work out and keep in shape because I feel better and because extra weight puts a strain on me mentally and physically. However, I'm not worried about my "autumn body" or my "holiday body" because it's just ridiculous. I want to enjoy the holidays and my life without thinking that my BMI dictates how much someone can be love me. As we head into the next holiday season, which is approaching much too fast, I plan to enjoy it to the fullest in a healthy, happy way. I hope you do, too.

Here's to autumn!

My Cruise to the Bahamas!

Thankfully, I didn't need a barf bag, as I thought I would. In fact I was hardly nausous at all, and would definitely go on another cruise. Our ship was the Norwegian Sky, and with all the food I wanted to eat available, and soft ice cream machines everwhere, I was sure I'd gain weight, and was surprised that I didn't. Probably due to all the walking we did onboard and on shore.

Our cabin was your basic, no window, twin beds with a bath deal, but that was fine, because who stays in the room when you're on a cruise? And the entire staff and crew were wonderful!

Our first stop of three was Freeport. And I must say my least favorite. The taxi ride from the ship and back was fourteen dollars each in a crowded van, and when you got there, you had to pay another three dollars to get on the beach, and for use of wi-fi or the bathroom facilities. And, of course, another three dollars if you wanted a chair. The return ride was stressful, to say the least. The taxi driver was a young man in his twenties and his driving scaried the daylights out of us all! I don't think he looked either way at intersections, he talked on his cell phone, and to make it worse, we had no air conditioning! But the locals were very friendly and nice!

Our second stop was Nassau, which I loved! Atlantis is a place everyone should visit. It's magical with all the statues of the underwater world, with lots of high-end shops, as well as a few that were affordable to me. There were small manmade lagoons, one with small sharks, and another with sting rays, and the beach was beautiful. Keith Urban will be performing at Atlantis in September, if you're interested.

Our final stop was an island owned by Norwegian, Stirrup Cay, which was my favorite. We were taken by small boats from the ship to the island, where chairs were already set up for everyone. Food was also transported to a pavilion, where we later had lunch, while a multitude of sea gulls watched from a few feet away. The beach was pristine with white sand and the water a beautiful blue green. The temperature was absolutely perfect, and I spent a lot if time in the water, which was so clear I could see several feet down to the ocean bottom.

I enjoyed the experience, and hope to go again, but next time, Alaska!


My Captive Highlander has been Released! :)

Can unexpected passion and a little ancient magic turn enemies into lovers?

During a fierce storm on the west coast of Scotland, Shamus MacKenzie barely survives a galley wreck only to be captured and held for ransom by the enemy MacDonalds. Aided by the gift of second sight, Maili MacDonald, sister of the ruthless chief, senses the handsome, dark-haired stranger will somehow be important in her life. Compelled to help him, she insists on providing him food and a healer to see to his injuries. She knows she is daft to fall in love with this captivating warrior after one forbidden kiss but cannot help herself. With each visit from Maili, Shamus finds his thoughts consumed by the enchanting lass. Can he convince her to help him escape the dungeon and prevent the impending battle between the two clans?
Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and coming soon to B&N, iTunes, Kobo, etc.

My Captive Highlander is also in the Kissing the Highlander anthology.

Excerpt: August 1619

The twenty-oar birlinn sliced through the rough waters off Scotland's west coast. The cool wind lashing at him, Shamus MacKenzie glanced up at the dark clouds hovering over the gray-violet sunset. A storm was fast approaching.
His oldest brother, Cyrus, Chief of Clan MacKenzie, had sent him and his two brothers, Dermott and Fraser, along with full crews on their two galleys to escort the Earl of Rebbinglen to Glasgow. Having accomplished their task five days ago, the brothers and clan members were now on their way home. The weather had been calm until this night.
Black clouds rolled in faster and faster. Lightning flashed, near blinding him. They were in for a thrashing.
"Whose canny idea was it to leave Inveraray?" Fraser grumbled behind him.
Shamus turned, barely able to make out his younger brother's blue eyes and black hair in the dimness.
He well knew Fraser would've liked to have stayed at Inveraray for a fortnight with all the lovely ladies. "Cyrus wanted us to return home forthwith," Shamus said loudly enough to be heard over the rising wind. If they'd stayed any longer, no doubt his irritable older brother would've sent a fleet of galleys to fetch them home.
Though now, he wished they had waited a day or two to continue their journey north.
Thunder boomed and the western wind off the sea blasted them. The oarsmen heaved and grunted, trying to stay the course as the galley rode up and down through the giant swells.
"Stay away from the rocks!" Shamus commanded. The white caps and swirling currents betrayed the dangerous hidden boulders closer to shore.
The helmsman shouted something Shamus couldn't hear over the wind.
Drops of rain stung his face, and a moment later, pummeled him in cold sheets.
Saints, he'd never been at sea in such a quick and terrible gale. Blood pounded in his ears as he tried to figure out a course of action. How could he keep his younger brother and his clansmen safe?
Dermott manned the other galley. During a lightning flash, Shamus' gaze scanned over the rough waters and he glimpsed the other vessel some distance behind them.
"May God protect us all," he whispered, salty seawater splashing into his mouth.
Torrents of chill rain drove against them. Though the sail was down, the fearsome wind, along with the enormous waves, propelled the birlinn eastward, toward the shore and the treacherous unseen boulders just beneath the churning surface.
"Stay the course!" Shamus commanded, scrambling over two thwarts and joining the helmsman in the stern. He grabbed hold of the rudder, helping to steer. He squinted through the rain, able to see only the outline of the mainland. The torches on shore they'd been using to help gauge their route had recently been doused in the downpour. The brilliant flashes of lightning revealed little but the violent sea.
A massive wave crashed into the birlinn and sent it careening into a deep trough. Shouts sounded all around him as Shamus grappled to keep his hold on the slippery rudder, his stomach dropping.
Was this the end? Would they all die this night?
"Hold on, Fraser!" he yelled.
The oak hull crashed against the rocks and splintered. The massive jolt knocked his hands from the rudder and Shamus plummeted overboard into the icy depths.
Despite the shock, he forced himself to hold his breath, kick his feet and swim toward the surface. Fear for his brothers and the crews of both galleys infused him with strength. Fortunately, most of them knew how to swim, but if some had been hurtled into the rocks, they might be badly injured.
When his head broke through the seawater, he barely had time to inhale before another powerful wave crashed over him, driving him down again. The water roared in his ears. Flailing, he propelled himself to the surface with his legs.
After inhaling a breath of air, he yelled, "Fraser!"
The lightning overhead illuminated naught in the dim gloaming but the giant boulders protruding from the sea. Had their clan's other birlinn been smashed to pieces, or had Dermott and the crew managed to stay offshore enough to avoid the peril? Where were Fraser and his own crew?
Shamus flung the wet hair from his eyes and yelled his brother's name again. This time when the lightning flashed, all he saw were fragments of their birlinn's broken hull floating out to sea.
"Saints," he hissed. Surely they weren't dead. "Dear God, protect them," he whispered.
Another great wave rose up west of him. He ducked beneath the surface to avoid the worst of the hit. The force of it sent him tumbling deeper. His head and shoulder slammed into a gigantic rock. Pain pounded through him and his head spun. Feeling the boulder anchored in the sea, he climbed up it for a breath of air and held tight. When the next wave struck, he couldn't hold out. The power of it sent him rolling through the waves and all went black.
Available at AmazonSmashwords, and coming soon to B&N, iTunes, Kobo, etc.

Thank you!

Countdown to Her Royal Mistake

A new release always fills me with a mixture of emotions. Excitement that I can send another romance is out in the world, to give readers some sigh-worthy emotion and another happy ending. Trepidation because what if some readers think my baby is ugly. Frustration because it's so hard to get visibility today in the marketplace, and promotion takes so much time away from writing, and how do I know if I'm reaching the readers who will love sexy, emotional romances with royals falling in love with the girl (or guy) next door? But I'm also filled with joy because I love writing romance and I love connecting with readers who love them too.

Self-publishing gives an author flexibility, but it also can make for soft release days. Right now, I hope to see Her Royal Mistake go live by Friday, August 21st. If everything goes smoothly, it could be earlier. If life throws a curve-ball, it could be later. If you'd like to be notified when Her Royal Mistake releases (and a heads-up to a limited time 99 cent sale on book #1 Her Royal Masquerade) sign-up for my mailing list. You can also like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter to catch the release notification.


He hadn’t expected her to fit so well. In his arms. Against his body. A woman as hard and unyielding as Birgitte should not have molded so well to him.

She was softer than he thought she would be too. And warm. So warm. This was no Ice Princess in his arms. Again he wondered at the mask she seemed to wear so effortlessly.

The Mezzano Royal String Ensemble played romantic music this evening, perfect for holding a woman close and letting his body brush against hers. Birgitte’s scent was sharp, nothing soft or floral for this princess. Still, Nardo found his face buried in her hair, inhaling the essence of the woman in his arms.

“You’re a good dancer,” she told him.

“You sound surprised.”

She shrugged lazily and followed his steps as they glided across the floor. His hand found her bare back and he stroked her soft, warm skin. The people around them seemed to fade away. It was only him and Birgitte and the music. She sighed against his neck.

“Are you bored now?” The words came out sharper than he intended.

She didn’t lift her head from his shoulder. “No, Nardo. I’m no longer bored.”

“What changed your mind?” he murmured. Her soft hair brushed his cheek and caused something to clench deep inside him.

She leaned back and he found himself drowning in her blue eyes. “About what?”

“Dancing with me.”

“Oh that. You were right. I like to dance.”

But something must have happened after she walked away from him and the two glasses of champagne. “You could have chosen another partner.”

“I realized I didn’t want to dance with anyone else,” she replied smoothly.

“My luck.”

“Yes.” A slight smile lifted her lips but it wasn’t the bright, unguarded one she’d sent him earlier. “Of course, I’m the lucky one to have such a handsome dance partner.”

The words were obviously practiced. Ones she’d no doubt said to hundreds of men while she spent her time haunting clubs and hooking up with her many dance partners. “Of course,” he replied tightly.

What was he doing? The princess intrigued him, but he wasn’t a masochist. He wasn’t interested in being one of her many conquests. What did it matter if they fit together well on the dance floor? Men and women were built that way. It didn’t mean anything. This dance was over. He began to pull away.

“Your sister’s delightful.”

The princess’s comment came out of nowhere and surprised him enough to remain on the dance floor with her. “I’ve never heard her going on about dresses and hair and high heeled shoes before.”

Birgitte’s soft laughter wafted warmly against his cheek. “Well, of course not. Do you think she’d talk to her brother about such things?”

“I suppose not.”

She was silent for a moment, then said, “It was refreshing to talk with someone who had no hidden agenda.”

Nardo didn’t let himself think about how her comment revealed the kind of life she lived, he only focused on the personal dig. “Does that mean you think I have a hidden agenda?”

Her hip pressed against his obvious erection. “Perhaps yours is not so hidden.”

He froze, gripped her shoulders in the middle of the dance floor. The couples around them threw curious glances their way. “I didn’t ask you to dance in order to get you into bed.”

“Of course not.” Her voice was flat, the tone wry.

“I’m attracted to you.” His was voice low, rushed. “But I didn’t ask you to dance to have sex with you.”

“No. You wanted to show me that I wouldn’t be bored.”


More Teddy Bears Going Home! And Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing Release Date Moved Up

purple dragon bear 003 (619x640) Blue Dragon Rainbow Bear 002 (527x640) Penny and Brindle
And now it’s time to get back to writing! 3,000 words + on Covert Cougar Christmas coming in December.
Alpha’s Unwrapped
December 1, 2015
Anthology of Paranormal Authors
Will include: Covert Cougar Christmas by Terry Spear
Alphas unwrapped FB image
Covert Cougar Christmas

Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing date has moved up from August release next year, to July!

Covers coming soon!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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