Two Free Books!

For the holidays, I'm giving away two of my books! One is Stolen by a Highland Rogue. This book has never been free before and it will only be free for a couple more days. It is only available in the Kindle format at the moment.

Don't you love it when the heroine gives the hero a bloody nose... because he deserves it? :)
He was the Highlander—Dugald—Camille had seen in the inn's common room two days before. 'Twas true, he was a brute, as his sister had stated.
Why in hades was he kidnapping her? Camille was no chief's wife!
On the muddy ground, the men held her tightly in place. One of the Highlanders tied a gag in her mouth, while another bound her hands in front. Panic gripping her throat, she struggled against them, turning this way and that. 'Twas the same stark terror she'd felt when some knave had snatched her off the street in London the year before. But Angelique was not with her to shoot her abductor this time.
Camille would have to gain her freedom herself. What other choice did she have? If she could survive all she'd endured in the past two years, surely she could fight her way out of Dugald's grasp.
Damn him and his minions! No matter how hard she struggled, she could not twist from the grip of their strong hands. Holding a rope, Dugald bent toward her ankles. Seeing the opening, she kicked at his face and her toe smashed against his regal nose.
"Damnation!" he growled, lurching upright and wiping at his bloody nose. His glare burned through her. "Hold her ankles."
A sudden wild urge to laugh in his face struck her, but that was impossible with a gag in place. Baring her teeth, she screamed and yelled but the sounds came out muffled.
The proud laird dabbed at his bleeding nose with a handkerchief. At least now he knew she was no helpless little lady.
Despite her best efforts to break two more noses with well-placed kicks, the men finally tied her ankles together.
"Damn you!" she tried to yell, but the words only emerged as a blunted moan.
What was she going to do?
If they would but allow her to speak, she would tell them who she was! Or if she could reach her calf, she would pull out her small dagger and stab le connard.
She could not believe a true chief could be so loutish. Her cousin was married to a chief who was far more civil, although equally large and commanding.
"Bring my horse!" Dugald ordered his minions. One of them rushed to do his bidding. When the huge, snorting beast stood beside them, he mounted. "Wrap her cloak around her and hand her up to me."
One of his guards did as he asked, enfolding her black woolen cloak so tightly around her she could hardly move, then lifted her to the saddle in front of the barbarian. Sitting sideways, she smashed her head into his rock-hard chin. Ouch! She feared it hurt her more than it had him.
He growled a curse. "Be still, wench, and I won't hurt you." He tugged her tightly against his solid chest.
Her ankles tied together, she kicked her heels against his solid calf, but he must not have even felt it, for he made no comment, not even a grunt.
They galloped away upon the massive horse and left the town behind, his men following.
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When the infamous King Richard dagger is stolen from Highland chief, Dugald MacKerrick, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, even abduct the wife of the aristocratic thief, but what if his beautiful French hostage isn't who he thinks she is? Deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dugald discovers not only is his captive, Camille Bouchard, more than he expected, so is the passion raging between them, threatening everything he thought mattered to him.
Available only at Amazon and FREE for just a few days!

The other FREE book is My Fierce Highlander!

Gwyneth Carswell, an English lady banished by her father to the harsh Scottish Highlands, wants nothing more than to take her young son away from the violence of two fighting clans--her own distant kin, the MacIrwins, and their enemies, the MacGraths. She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he's left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance. Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family?

Laird Alasdair MacGrath is driven to end two-hundred years of feuding with the MacIrwins. But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy. As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her--give up her son or the man she loves. Free at:
In addition, when you download the free Kindle version, the audiobook is only $1.99.

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Merry Christmas!

Claiming the White Bear and Snow for Christmas!

I’ve been wracking my brain for a story idea for my polar bear shifter book 2, and finally came up with one. Ironically, when we went to the grocery store yesterday, they had this big display with polar bears, and it was like a sign: Write your next polar bear book!

And then this morning amidst a white Christmas Eve, I came up with the title. Claiming the White Bear.

It’s snowing on Christmas Eve! I haven’t been anywhere that it snowed on Christmas since…hmm, maybe when I lived in Wisconsin? But I was little back then.

We had snow in the Houston area way before Christmas, and I was in a blizzard in St. Louis once on Thanksgiving. We had snow and sleet on Easter in Waco, Texas one year. But Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Maybe never! Except when I was little. I remember walking across frozen lakes with my parents, being carried on my dad’s shoulders to the bus stop because the snow was so high, and the bigger kids helping the little kids remove all their snow gear so we could go to class.

We’re seeing Star Wars today, having Christmas Eve dinner, inviting a service member who couldn’t go home for Christmas, and having fun! My son and his girlfriend are both in the AF, and so is their friend.

Yesterday, we made it to the Escape Room to solve the puzzle of how to stop the 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea. We made it! Woohoo! It had snowed before I arrived, and then yesterday when we were driving to the Escape Room, it was snowing heavily.

For those of you who live in snow country, I know you’re shaking your heads. lol For me, it’s a novelty. And Inge said her mother came here from Hawaii last year and it was in the 60’s, very mild Christmas. They’ve had them for the last several years. Global warming come to mind? Or just one of those 100-year, 1000-year, million-year cycles?

We might not have enough snow to build a snowman, but this has been a lovely white Christmas in any event!

Have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and if you don’t, wishing you a special day with snow or without! And if you’re getting snowed in, be safe!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you're hard at work writing your next novel this time of year, you're more dedicated than me...  Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

In my hometown, there's a Christmas tree fundraiser for the Special Olympics, to which area businesses donate and auction off decorated trees. They're all displayed in the lobby of a local hotel...

And they try to cover everybody's potential tastes, like this one for Star Wars fans: your very own Darth Vader tree, light saber included...

Or for the glam girl in your life, there's the jewelry tree...

For the outdoors-y type, there's the reindeer tree...

And for holiday revelers, there's the wine tree and the liquor tree...

But for me, none beats the Grinch tree, because when he realized the true spirit of Christmas, his heart grew three sizes that day!  Even his dog Max seems happy at the transformation.

The auction of the trees raised more than $20,000 for Special Olympics, ensuring a Merry Christmas all around!

I hope your holidays are filled with family and friends, good food and fun presents!  See you next year.


New Release: Highlander Entangled

I'm happy to announce the release the latest novel in my Highland Adventure series, Highlander Entangled!

Lady Kristina MacQueen suffered devastating injuries at the hands of a ruthless Highland chief, Blackburn MacCromar. Two years later, he kidnaps her for a journey across the chilly, windblown Scottish Highlands to flush out her sister, Anna—the woman Blackburn forced to wed him. Red Holme, Blackburn's second-in-command, is equally brutal and determined to possess Kristina. 

A Highland warrior and future chief, Colin Cameron has no intention of becoming entangled in the whims of another highborn lady. However, upon witnessing Lady Kristina being held hostage by the enemy, a knife to her throat, he resolves to rescue her and bring her to safety. When Red Holme sees Colin Cameron, he recognizes his enemy from a decade earlier and craves revenge even more than he lusts for the lady. But he is determined to have both. 

Colin is the most charismatic and heroic man Kristina has ever met, and he awakens her woman's instincts. He might be her only chance to experience a brief moment of passion. Even so, she holds no illusions about marriage, for no worthy man will find her blindness and scars appealing, or see them as beneficial traits in a wife. But she can't see how he looks at her. Though Colin has sworn to never fall in love again, he cannot defend his heart against the strong, spirited and lovely lass who is like none other he has ever met.

This book is available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. Coming soon to iTunes, print and audiobook.

​Some early reviews are coming in...

"Captivating! Stunning! Emotionally powerful! It took my breath away! 5 stars plus!!! Omg! Ms. Sinclair has written the most emotional story that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat, until the very last chapter. I highly recommend this Gem of a Book!" Nicole L.

"This is one of the best books I have read this year. Excitement from beginning to end...I was unable to keep myself from reading it. When I would put the book down, I had to remember that I was not in the 17th century." Kimi C.

"Loved it! Vonda Sinclair has written another exciting story that will keep you reading to the end." Virginia

"I truly wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it is amazing! It deserves more! Vonda Sinclair has a beautiful talent! This story was so beautifully written I felt like I was there!" Karen F.

Amazing Highlander Romance! I've waited with great expectation for this book and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. I loved every word! Colin and Kristina are well-rounded characters and the attraction between them is undeniable from the moment they meet.
 I highly recommend "Highlander Entangled" as well as Vonda Sinclair's other books, which I've also had the pleasure of reading.
​" ​

Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful reviews! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book!

Read an excerpt!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

My Highlander Released!! 99 Cent on !0 Other Books!!!

My Highlander
December 2017
Many want him dead, but he is her prisoner for now.
Quinn’s mission is to steal a woman from a clan and escort her to his brother, Cormac, the chief of their clan, so he can marry her. But Quinn’s brother has tried to have him murdered before, and Quinn suspects Cormac is hoping the woman’s clan kills him this time, if the mercenaries they sent with him don’t do the deed first.
Avelina’s cousin warns her that the storm sank a ship and a warrior lays on the shore, badly injured, but armed. Armed with a sword of her own and with her wolf companion, Avelina finds Quinn and rescues him from the incoming tide, but now she must hide him from her kin before they learn he planned to steal her cousin away. If he survives his injuries and her kin, he must deal with his traitorous brother before it is too late.
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Merry Christmas!!!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Today we welcome m/m romance author Harper Jewel, whose new book RIPPING OFF THE MASK has its roots in holiday memories...

Thank you for the warm welcome! Now that the 2017 holiday season has begun, I’m sure everyone has a fond holiday tradition that has been passed down through the family. A family memory/tradition--one that my family stopped following once my grandmother passed away--I will forever cherish is helping Grandma make Uncle Leon Soup.

Grandma, although not born in Italy, spoke fluent Italian and French as her parents immigrated to the United States shortly before she was born. Whether the recipe for Uncle Leon Soup was one passed down from my great grandmother or whether Grandma came up with this one all on her own, no one in the family knows, but it’s something I miss at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

I firmly believe being in the kitchen and cooking for the holidays always made Grandma happy. One thing my brother and I could count on: being kitchen helpers when it came time to make Uncle Leon Soup. Of course, we always asked how this yummy recipe ended up with the name Uncle Leon Soup, and no matter how many times Grandma told us the story, it never got old or boring.

When growing up, Grandma’s best friend Rose, my mom and her sister called her Grammy Rose, married Arthur Weingartner and they had a son named Leon. Grammy Rose and her family were always included at Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Eve dinner. The first Thanksgiving dinner to which the Weingartners were invited Grandma made this soup, which consisted of breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, eggs, and a dash of nutmeg, Leon claimed it his favorite dish ever. Thus the name Uncle Leon Soup was born.

My brother and I never had the opportunity to meet Grammy Rose or her family, but pictures remain of Grandma and her friends. Watching and participating in the making of Uncle Leon Soup always put smiles on our faces. Grandma would lug her huge crank-handled meat grinder--remember this is from a six-year-olds perspective--up from the basement and attach it to her thick wooden kitchen table. We took turns mixing the ingredients in a bowl then shoving handfuls of the mixture into the top of the meat grinder. Turning the crank was a chore as it required lots of elbow grease, but my brother and I shared in the duty. As the “noodles” came through the holes at the other end of the grinder, Grandma would cut them into a bowl. Once all of the noodles were ready, they’d be put in a pot with chicken broth and simmered on a low flame for at least an hour before it was pronounced ready to eat.

I suppose if I got my hands on a new electric meat grinder, I might someday try making my own Uncle Leon Soup, but I don’t think it could ever compare to my memory of Grandma’s creation.

In RIPPING OFF THE MASK, Cooper Brandt’s holiday memories are marred by a tragedy that took place the night before his high school graduation. Unfortunately as self-imposed penance for the heartbreaking misfortune, Cooper forced himself to wear a mask much like a hair shirt.

When Sergeant Cooper Brandt, thirteen years later, let his mask slip while in pursuit of some bank robbers, a second gut-wrenching catastrophe takes place. Taking full blame for this debacle, Coop swears he’ll never make that mistake again.

Upon meeting aqua therapist Dr. Westley James, Cooper curses the fates as he begins to believe that Karma has decided to retaliate for his misstep.

Westley’s first impression of Cooper isn’t a good one, but he’s willing to give the sergeant another chance.

Several more hairpin turns in the road await Cooper and Westley as they both strive to make holiday memories of their own. To find out if they succeed, be sure to read RIPPING OFF THE MASK by Harper Jewel, published by Loose Id.

Can injured Sgt. Cooper Brandt, with the help of Dr. Westley James, rip off the mask he donned as self-imposed penance at the end of high school, or will fate determine a different path for both men?
Thirteen years after high schooler Cooper Brandt suffered a life-altering tragedy, Newark Police Sergeant Cooper Brandt suffers yet another earthshaking misfortune while on duty. As a result, he lets the mask he donned because of his first grief-filled setback slip. When overwhelming guilt consumes him for a second time, an unexpected, and oftentimes unwanted, helping hand tries to force him into making a choice: face his demons and rip the mask off, or continue living a lie while his facade stays put.

Upon his move to New Jersey, aqua therapist Dr. Westley James meets his toughest patient yet when a snarly police sergeant accuses him of duplicity at the start of their first session. When he discovers the reason for Cooper’s ornery attitude, an odd, empty feeling he’s lived with for as long as he can remember begins to fill in like missing pieces of a puzzle.
As a fragile relationship between Cooper and Westley grows, an unhinged sociopath threatens to ruin everything. Will fate force the emotionally bruised sergeant to fasten his mask on even more tightly or will the couple’s blooming love and partnership be strong enough to help Cooper rip his mask off for good?

They made their first stop at Dunkin’, and as promised, Silvio ran inside while Coop remained in the police vehicle. A few minutes later, with coffees in hand, he returned to the squad car and handed Cooper his iced coffee—black, no milk, no sugar.

“Thanks, Sil. Did you get your regular?”

“Sure did. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Because you might surprise me and forgo the coffee-milk you favor and go with something different for a change.”

Silvio stared blankly at his partner. “Coffee-milk?”

“Come on, you can’t possibly call what you have in your hand coffee. You tell the baristas to give you a medium but put it in a large cup and then ask them to add at least a full cup of milk to it. Seriously, man, how hot can it be after that? And why would you want to drink something even remotely warm when it’s already close to eighty degrees outside?”

“I don’t like my coffee too hot, but I don’t like it iced either. Besides, haven’t you heard that milk does a body good?” Silvio shrugged and gave his partner a smug, tooth-baring grin.

Coop burst into laughter. “You’re such a dork.”

“At the risk of sounding too dorky, suck it up, buttercup. You’re stuck with me. So you keep your end of the bargain and drive since I did the buying.”

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Author Bio:
Harper Jewel lives in northeast New Jersey with her husband and college-age daughter. She has two cats, enjoys reading, and taking trips to Walt Disney World. With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create characters and plots that are believable as well as memorable.

Although she began writing male/female romance/erotica, she has finally found her niche in Gay Romance. She thoroughly enjoys her male characters as they speak to her quite loudly while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

Ripping Off the Mask, her first full-length novel, published by Loose Id is now available at most e-book retailers.

To find out more about Harper Jewel, visit her website at

Author Links:
Twitter: or @HarperJewel1