New Short Story Out

I have a short story in the May issue of True Confessions, "Abandoned & Betrayed." (The story was formerly known as A Wedding Affair.) At a wedding, a woman who's always a bride's maid hooks up with her first love, a bad boy music producer who's been away for several years. Can she make this cynical but sexy man believe in true love and marriage? This is a fun, sensual romance with a bit of scandal and humor.

Feng Shui progress and latest sales

Hi, I'm playing catch up yet again. The good news is I've cleared the clutter from my office, organized and feng shuied it. It's almost like I have a new office. When I walk into it, I feel a great sense of relief now. I'm a Virgo and I need organization. I hadn't had it in a long while and felt completely overwhelmed most of the time. When you have a lot of stuff, you have to think about a lot of stuff. It clutters the mind.

I've sold two more short stories! And they are different as night and day. I write 'em sweet; I write 'em sexy. ;-) "Finding Trouble" should appear in the June issue of True Confessions. This is a story of an irresistible bad boy who lures a good girl into more trouble than she's ever been in. And she never expected to like it so much.

"A Promise Kept" will possibly appear in the July issue of True Romance (or one of the summer issues.) In this story, a woman finds her first love and they recapture the deep feelings they shared fifteen years ago, as teenagers. This is the very first short story I wrote more than a year ago. And it's also a version of a story I wrote several years ago. I'm thrilled to know it will now be published after all this time. The setting of this story is also near to my heart because it is (sort of) the place where I grew up. Not the house but the beautiful, natural woods nearby, where I often played and carved messages on trees. :-)

Here are photos I took of crocuses (top) and Ice Follies daffodils in my garden.
Happy Easter/Passover everyone!

Do you Feng Shui?

Sorry for my long absence (again). I've been doing a second revision for an agent. (Yey!! Keep your fingers crossed.) :-) And I've been taking an online Feng Shui class. The friendly, encouraging instructor is Bella Andre. I highly recommend this workshop if you are blocked, not achieving what you want or reaching your goals and dreams. Does it work? I don't know yet from personal experience but a lot of people say it does. I definitely feel better and more enthusiastic since I started making changes in my workspace. It is a highly motivating, inspiring class. I needed the kick in the pants because I collect and save tooooo much stuff. The first step in Feng Shui is clearing away your clutter. Clutter is almost anything that you don't use or love. My office has a lot of storage space--book shelves, drawers, a closet with shelves and unfortunately I was using every inch of it. Since beginning the class, I have cleared out several drawers where I had old contest/editor submissions, old manuscripts, old magazines, etc. We had a nice bonfire. :-) I've taken a truck load of stuff to a charity thrift store. And I'm still not finished. I will be hauling away more books and clearing away more stuff from the closet. After the clutter is gone, you're ready for the next step in Feng Shui, looking at the Bagua Map. If you can't find a workshop going on now, you can research it online. I found these sites with articles.