Train Your Dog To Do Yard Work, and then Enjoy!

Tanner and the stick (2) (360x640)Tanner and the stick (360x640) yummy stick (360x640) 
Tanner the puppy stick mulcher. Max the birdseed clean up crew.
Yard work all done.
Fun for them, painless for me.
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Royal Masquerade

I'm so excited to announce my newest release! Royal Masquerade is a novella set in the fictional European world of Monterra, a Kindle World.


Alessandra Ranieri is forced to adopt a name that isn't really hers, when she returns to Monterra to claim an inheritance...that isn't really hers. She's certain that her Romany grandmother left her the property nestled in the foothills of the Monterran Alps.
Raul Forli, heir to the dukedom of Forli, is determined to unmask Alessandra's masquerade. He knows she's lying. More importantly, he needs the same property she's claiming and he's sure that his need is more desperate than hers. Because the duke is not all he seems, either. And he's got nothing to lose.
This battle will be fiercely waged.
Not in a court of law.
But in the hearts of Alessandra and her fairy-tale duke.


A shadow darkened the air above Alessandra. Raul. He must have seen her fall and skied over. He was stepping out of his skis, flinging away his poles, and in general looking and behaving like a crazy man. Her giggles intensified. What was he planning to do?

He yanked off his helmet and knelt down on one knee beside her. “Alessandra—”

At the moment he spoke her name, he seemed to notice she was alive and well. He frowned down at her. “What in hell is so funny?”

“I fell.” She laughed up at him. “Serves me right.”

“Probably,” he growled. He was still kneeling over her, his brow furrowed. “What the hell happened? You should have been able to handle that. You had a great lift off.”

“I was watching you!” She laughed again at the surprise on his face. “Lost my concentration—”

Slowly, as if it took a moment for her admission to sink in, he smiled. “I guess I can’t complain about that.”

“You’d better not, you ungrateful wretch.” Without thinking, she lifted a handful of powdery snow and flung it at him. He ducked just in time, but a few white flakes landed in his dark hair, sparkling.

“Why you—” He leaned over her, picked up his own fistful of snow and held it over her. “You don’t want to challenge a champion snowball thrower.”

“Champion? Is there an Olympics for that sport in Monterra?”

“I don’t know about that,” he admitted.  He shook a few snowflakes down onto her red jacket, threatening her. “But that was my title in third grade.”

“Oooh, I’m scared—” She laughed up at him again, loving the moment of lying here in the snow with this handsome man looking down at her, the sun shining around him, and his broad shoulders filling her world. It was a once in a lifetime moment. She felt her laughter die as he stared, his expression changing—from mock threatening laughter —to lust. The heat in his eyes scorched her, wiping out the laughter.

He was going to kiss her. He held her gaze, his eyes gleaming, as he leaned down, shaking off one glove, and then the other. The handful of snow fell to the ground, forgotten.

“Alessandra,” he murmured in a low, intimate voice. He placed one hand on her cheek, his fingers cold on the outside, but warm within. “You look like a Christmas present.”

“Not something glittery and fake, I hope?” She couldn’t shake the knowledge that he thought she was living under a false name in Monterra, masquerading as someone she was not.

“No.” He shook his head slightly, a half-smile on his lips. “Something sparkly and fun. Something unexpected.” His voice went even lower. “Something I want to unwrap.”

 Available only on Amazon (since it's in Kindle World) here.

Here's a picture of the type of house found in Monterra.

My Song is an Oldie???

When does a song become an oldie?

Wickipedia says "Oldies is a radio format that concentrates on music from a period of about 25 to 55 years before the present day.
In the 1980s and 1990s, "oldies" meant the 15 years from the birth of rock n roll to the beginning of the singer-songwriter era of the early 1970s, or about 1955 to 1972, although this varied and some stations chose 1950–1969.[citation needed] After 2000, 1970s music was increasingly included,[1] and early 1980s music is beginning to also be called "oldies", though the term "classic hits" is used to distinguish the "new" oldies (theGeneration X oldies) from the "old" oldies (the Baby Boomer oldies).[2]"
Personally, in my mind, "oldies" are songs from the generation before my own LOL. But the older I get, the more the songs I remember are not considered modern music, or whatever the new music is called. Don't get me wrong, I love much of the new music out there. But there's something about the music that you loved during the time you were becoming an adult. It lives in you for the rest of your life.
Hubby and I met in the 1975. Our song - the song we loved to sing together while we were dating - was Captain and Tennille's Love Will Keep Us Together. See, I was a romantic even then. (And if you watched that video - click on the song title - and didn't live in the 70s, yes that was how we dressed and wore our hair and it was very cool!)
And speaking of oldies, I'm kicking around the idea of using song titles for the book titles of my Silver Fox romances. It's been fun listening to more of the songs I grew up with as I searched for the perfect titles for each story.
What songs did you grow up with - the ones you loved, and still love. Are they considered oldies now?

Birds on the Brain!

Okay, first, I want to assure you that I did get word count, and made up for a 1,000 for another day. I moved furniture in the morning, unpacked 4 boxes, and even walked around the block to get my mail. I answered numerous spam calls, and really, I have been working. But….then the BIRDS came.
And that meant hurrying to open the blinds and hope not to scare them away, grab my camera and take some shots.
Golden Finches?
Golden Finches?
Close up of the two golden finches?
Close up of the two golden finches?
Now this little dude was dancing around and wouldn't sit still for a picture. Purple finch? House finch?
Now this little dude was dancing around and wouldn’t sit still for a picture. Purple finch? House finch?
Bluebird cocking his head
Bluebird cocking his head
He really, really wanted to go down to the feeder below.
He really, really wanted to go down to the feeder below.

Two sparrows and a cardinal that I missed, swooped in to see the seed, but no takers. A sparrow was eyeing it from the fence, but he wouldn’t buy it. I have seen a bunch of these birds land on my grass and peck around the day before. Maybe they’ll get braver.

Okay, so remember about the work I have to do on the manuscript? I need to write 6,000 words to catch up. I had 7,000 yesterday, so whittling away at it. 65,000 to go!

Have a great Saturday!!! I know what I’m going to be doing. Do you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Tall, Dark and Loaded

Does the phrase tall, dark and loaded describe your ideal book boyfriend? Then you've come to the right place.

Relax from holiday excitement with your favorite book boyfriend - the billionaire!

Book Boyfriends Cafe is proud to bring you 6 romance novellas from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Hot enough to keep you warm; romantic enough to make you sigh.

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Billionaire Rules by Mel Curtis, USA Today Bestselling Author. A bored billionaire stumbles upon underground MMA fighting in L.A. and finds himself in a female MMA fighter's corner.
Fighting Downforce by Ari Thatcher, USA Today Bestselling Author. A female stock car racing team owner needs a co-owner to remain competitive, but the billionaire investor demands too high a price.
Love Charm for Gillian by Carly Carson, National Bestselling Author Gillian traveled to the Dalmatian Coast to close the door on tragedy. But an adventurer with a private yacht may be just the type of enticement she can't resist...for better or for worse.
Billion Dollar Smile by Kelly Collins, National Bestselling Author. Ten dollars and a smile. That’s all it took to change the course of Samantha Foster’s life. After winning the Billion Dollar Smile contest she set off to live a week in the shoes of elusive, gaming billionaire, Miles Covington, but could she get past his secrets and games to win a place in his heart?
Honeymoon with a Billionaire by MJ Summers, National Bestselling Author. When good girl librarian, Natasha Jones finds herself alone on her honeymoon, the last thing she expects is to wind up in the arms of billionaire Kirk Tyrrell. Instead of spending the week licking her wounds from her fiance's last fling right before the wedding ceremony, she allows Kirk to whisk her away to his mountain estate in Aspen, Colorado. The flames of their attraction run hot as Kirk uncovers the wildly passionate woman hidden inside Natasha, but is it just a rebound or the start of their forever?
Marrying for Love by Susan Ann Wall, National Bestselling Author. When Jillian Butler moved back to Lilac Ridge to run the second chance animal rescue her aunt left her, she knew it was only a matter of time until the town learned of her fourteen-year-old secret. What Jill didn’t expect was to run into the man with whom she created that secret. With Austin Hale insisting she let him adopt a dog, Jill has no choice but to face the man who shattered her heart and betrayed her trust. It’s only after a single's auction to raise money for the rescue that Jill finds her stubborn heart being rescued from the one man she thought she could never forgive.

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My story in this anthology is Love Charm for Gillian. 

 This story is only available in the anthology. But you can't beat the price because you get 6 stories!


“Here’s the jumping spot,” Cameron said. He shucked his navy t-shirt over his head without warning, and dropped it on the rocks. Gillian sucked in a breath that would have been audible if not for the noise of the waves battering the cliff in their endless quest for passage. His gray board shorts hung low on his hips, hugging his waist just below his carved abs. She could have spent the rest of the day staring at the nice fit.

But other delights needed to be checked out. His tight abs, that fanned up to a muscular chest and broad shoulders with chiseled biceps. His warm tan. The black hair that outlined his pecs, virtually disappeared on his stomach, and reappeared, with a little more presence, to arrow down into his shorts.

She wouldn’t be surprised if her mouth were hanging open, particularly when Cameron grinned at her as if he knew exactly what was going through her mind. He placed his wallet and phone on top of his t-shirt.

“Do I dare to ask if you’ll follow suit?” he asked, letting his gaze rest for a moment on her tank top.

She waved back the way they’d come. “With all those people watching?” Clumps of colorfully clad vacationers dotted the gray and tan rocks wherever there was a spot wide enough to sit down.

“You could be an exhibitionist for all I know,” he answered, grinning. “If it were my lucky day.”

“Not your lucky day, then.” She dropped her bag, kicked off her flip-flops, and jumped into the sea.

She heard Cameron’s gasp over her head, and then his laughter rang out, coming closer as he jumped in after her.

The cool blue water closed over her head, sparkling around her. She let it refresh her for a moment, before she kicked up, breaking through the surface of the foaming white water. Cameron was already bobbing at the surface, looking in her direction with a bit of anxiety in his eyes.

“That was a gutsy move, Red,” he said.

“Not really.” She tossed back her hair and smiled with sheer joy. “You didn’t strike me as the type of man who’d be out here cliff-diving if it wasn’t safe to do.”

He returned her smile with an infectious one of his own. “You don’t want to rely on me to be cautious.”

She laughed. “Me neither.”

“I got that, Red.” He shoved his black hair back on his head. “Now do you want to swim around out here, or jump again?”

“Is there a way out?”

He threw back his head and laughed, his teeth white against the tanned column of his throat. “Some people,” he said, “would have established an exit strategy before jumping in.”

She shrugged, her shoulders barely clearing the water. But his gaze fixed on them.

“I want to jump in again,” she said.

He pointed behind her. “Swim over there, and you’ll see a way to climb out onto the rocks.”

Fortunately, she was an excellent swimmer. The current kept trying to push her onto the face of the cliff, but she was able to reach the small opening and clamber up. It wasn’t until she regained her footing and turned back to check on Cameron, that she realized she had a problem. Her cream tank top clung to her body like a second skin, and the reason she noticed it was that Cameron’s eyes were glued to her breasts as he pulled himself out of the water. Of course, that was somewhat fair as her gaze was locked onto the play of muscles in his broad shoulders as he hoisted himself onto the horizontal rock.

Still, it was somehow more socially acceptable for her to enjoy his muscles than it was for him to enjoy her near nudity. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Cameron shook his head. “A shame to hide such a gorgeous view.”

She almost giggled. “You’re staring.”

“I don’t want to objectify you,” he said with a wink. “But I’m a man and you’re hot. So I’m stuck.”
 This is a picture of the rocks from which they went cliff-diving (in Dubrovnik, Croatia.)

 Yes, one of my kids thought it would be fun to do.

Pinterest and Silver Foxes

When looking for inspiration for the characters in my Silver Fox Romances series, I didn't have to go any further than Pinterest. I've spent probably more time than I should have scrolling through mouth-watering pics of handsome men with silver hair, or white or sexy salt and pepper. Their faces aren't baby smooth but etched with laugh lines and experiences. (And here's where I say there is nothing wrong with a sexy younger guy - I drool over them too!) If you want to see what I'm talking about, you could check out my Silver Fox board:

While men seem to get a pass for having silver hair, women are another story. I let mine go to my natural salt and pepper quite a few years ago and I had many people at the time tell me how much older I would look. It was hard to do at the time, but I'm glad persevered. I've had many women come up to me and tell me if they knew their hair would look this good they'd do it. I tell them they'll never know until they try, I know I'll never dye my hair again. I wish Pinterest had been there back then to give me inspiration as I lived through the half gray/half dyed brown hair phase. Now, Pinterest has tons of inspirational pics of gorgeous women who have let their crowning glory shine with shades of silver. See what I'm talking about here:

I found many pics of mature silver fox couples too. How can you not imagine romance stories for every one of them?

I'll be adding to these boards often, and I'm starting to set up boards for the individual stories I'm planning. So feel free to follow the boards if you'd like. And of course, sign up for my mailing list if you'd like to get notifications of my releases.


Sourcebooks Giveaway of ARCs for New Releases
giveaway SourcebooksSourcebooks is giving away some advanced reading copies of our new releases coming up. I'm at the bottom. Wait, no, I began the stacks of books so I'm first. Always look at things positively. Besides, it's true. :) <3 p="">
yellow sunny-faced pansies
yellow sunny-faced pansies
red and yellow snapdragons
red and yellow snapdragons
Aren't the flowers pretty? They are still going strong, though 42 degrees this morning.
A SEAL Wolf in Too Deep comes out Feb 3!
They want you to share, so go to the link and share away!! And good luck!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Okay Vacay

It may be a little early, but I’m planning a vacation. A summer vacation. How does that sound? Hits the spot, doesn’t it? In many places in the world, it’s cold right now, but in my head I’m thinking of something really hot, and it ain’t no erotic story this time.

I’m going to the Caribbean. 

Technically, I don’t find it really hot in the Caribbean. More like very, very warm. I’ve been there a couple of times before, and I love it. I really want to retire there; however, I don’t think I’m going to be able to buy an island in that area any time soon so that probably won’t happen. And I want my own island, my own little piece of paradise, where I can retire under my own rules and enjoy the lack of people who don’t follow my idea of living it up, which means hanging out on the beach and reading. Or drinking wine. Or eating pizza. Or all of the above.

I’m planning it now so that I might have a chance to save up for my little sojourn, although the chances of that happening aren’t too good either. I remain hopeful, however. Getting to the Caribbean isn’t inexpensive, and I need to start setting aside some pennies to get to one of the places I love most in the world. I think Hemingway, a Caribbean fan himself, would be proud of my plan to spend time in the vicinity of his 6-toed feline friends.

So where would you like to vacation? Please do share. It’s going to be a long winter and we all need to daydream a little.

Happy Reading!