Woodstock, Vermont

I closed out 2015 with a visit to Vermont. My favorite town is Woodstock, an historical town first settled in the mid-1700s. Its current charm relies on the influence of the Rockefellers, who built the Woodstock Inn, which anchors the center of town, in 1892. They helped preserve the historical architecture of the town.

Rockefeller descendants still live in town, and they own my favorite store, Gillinghams. Here are the shop windows this week.

The store sells everything from food and wine, to toys and hardware/gardening supplies. If you go in, you won't come out empty-handed!

The townspeople work hard to keep their town appealing. Here's another shop window I love. Don't you want to go in and browse?
The Woodstock Inn is still thriving.
And here is my favorite Woodstock display (found in the lobby of the Woodstock Inn).
 The dog wants a sleigh ride!

Happy New Year to all our readers here at Fierce Romance. May you have a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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What are you hoping for 2016?

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