Her Protector

Pamela Tyner's debut novel, HER PROTECTOR, is now available for purchase from New Concepts Publishing.

Fleeing the law and a violent boyfriend, Tricia Stephens returns to the hometown she left years ago, never intending to return. But when Matt follows her she has no choice but to seek protection from the one man she learned early on that she could not trust.

Clint's sister was killed by her abusive husband, and he isn't about to allow that to happen to anyone else he cares for. Unfortunately, their past still haunts both of them and the act of love he used to set Tricia free has destroyed her trust in him.

Pamela is celebrating the release of her book with a contest. One lucky reader will win a download of her book. For details, please visit Pamela's website and click on the 'reader's contest' link. Pamela Tyner

Pamela is one of my wonderful critique partners and an excellent writer! Here's an additional contest she's having. Help her spread the word about her first book.

"Blog about my debut release and contest between now and October 10th
and be entered into a drawing for a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card.
Just post the information above on your blog and then email the link
to me at pamelatyner@hotmail.com. I'll draw a name out of the hat on
October 11th. Please help me get my name out there!"

VP of Celtic Hearts

I'm happy to say I'm the new vice president and public relations officer of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. This is a RWA chapter devoted to people who write stories with Celtic themes or set in traditionally Celtic countries like Ireland and Scotland. (Though this is not a requirement for membership.) We're an online chapter with around a hundred members. Please visit our site.


My story "Guided by an Angel" is out now in the October issue of True Confessions magazine. This is a touching, emotional story about a woman who hits rock bottom--her marriage is over and she has no job--but is surprised to realize an angel from her youth (possibly her guardian angel) is guiding her toward happiness.

Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy, bilge rats, are ye a fan of Cap'n Jack Sparrow? Or perhaps you like your pirates more evil. Either way, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you visit this site and click on "Talk Like a Pirate" you'll learn what terms like bung hole, horn pipe and grog mean. You'll even learn some pick up lines for those times when you run into a hunky pirate (or pretty lady pirate). In the fun and games section you can see if you'd be a good pirate and create your own name. My new pirate name: Cap'n Mae Slashface. There are pirate songs you can learn as well. For anyone who writes about pirates, you will find a treasure trove of links here to real pirate history.


Now I've heard it all. According to the local newspaper and TV news, Bigfoot has been sighted several times in our area of NC. This is the first time in my life I've heard this. I always thought Bigfoot lived in the Pacific Northwest or Texas or Florida. Never here. They didn't have any photos or video footage that I'm aware of. Too bad. Here are links to the article and another Bigfoot photo in case you forgot what s/he looks like.

Since I was a little kid, Bigfoot has always fascinated me. Call me weird, but I would love it if someone actually proved a "Bigfoot" species really exists. Would they be some sort of early human more primitive than Neanderthal? Or an advanced ape? Either way, they'd have to be pretty intelligent to escape discovery and classification all these years. I find extinct and mythical animals or anything relating to Cryptozoology completely fascinating. Maybe that's why I enjoy writing about shapeshifters like werewolves, or men who turn into birds. Give me a good show about Nessie, saber-tooth cats, or dinosaurs with feathers and I'm glued to the TV.

Check out this dinobird.

Wonder if they tasted like chicken?

Speaking of which, meat-eating deer were found on the Scottish island of Rum.

A romance writer who's also a geek? Possibly.

Scotland Soul

Do you wonder why I write about Scotland? Maybe this will give you an idea. Here is a wee trip to Scotland called Scotland Soul. (I didn't create this. It's by ScottishAngel).


Is Dear Abby behind the times?

Here http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/?uc_full_date=20060902 Dear Abby says in the last paragraph: "Some might argue that the idealized depiction of romance, and women being "rescued" by powerful, wealthy men, is more worrisome than the sex and eroticism. However, if you are raising your daughter to respect feminist principles, I don't think you have anything to worry about."

To me this says "Abby" hasn't read a romance novel in a couple of decades. No longer are our romance heroines weak shrinking violets in need of rescuing by the big He-man. Today's romance novels feature strong women as well as strong men who are more equal than ever before. In historical romance novels, it is sometimes necessary to show how men and society kept women under their thumbs to be somewhat historically accurate but even our historical heroines rise up, take charge and go after what they want, quite often physically rescuing the hero in the process. In addition, as one wise author noted, the heroes are usually the ones who need emotional rescue.

For instance in my historical romance, My Fierce Highlander, the heroine physically rescues the hero in the opening scene. He was injured in battle and is unconscious. If she hadn't dragged him away and hidden him from his enemies, they would've finished him off. She then uses her healing skills to help him recover. At the end of the story, when it appears their enemy is going to kill the hero, it is the heroine again who saves his life. During the course of the book the hero rescues or saves the life of the heroine a couple of times as well. My point is, they help each other in an equal manner because sometimes the balance of power shifts. Give and take.

As for those who love to read a good mystery but say romance is not realistic, you are kidding yourself about mystery being realistic. Is it dangerous for young police officers to read mysteries? They might think all crimes will be so easily solved. We are not that dense, people. Romance readers know that real life relationships don't always have the HEA (happily ever after) that the books must have. Some people stay married 50+ years and others don't. Those who have been married a long time know HEAs are possible and real. Romance novels are entertainment, but most of today's stories also depict men the way they should act. In other words, men should show women respect and treat them as equals, and NOT try to control, abuse or hurt them. In this way, romance novels can educate abused women by showing them how real men should act and respond to them. You can read more about this and what other romance authors have to say about it at PASIC's blog. http://toberead.blogspot.com/

Another contest final!

My paranormal manuscript, SHADOW GUARDIAN, has finaled in the Sweet, Spicy, Spooky, Suspense contest hosted by Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. It is being sent to a Berkley editor for final round judging. (Yea!!!) I entered the first kiss scene into the Spicy category. Three more SMRW members finaled in this contest. Congratulations, ladies!

The Mad Limericker (of SMRW) has given me a wonderful gift--my very own limerick in honor of My Wild Highlander finaling in the Golden Gateway.


LOL! Thanks, lady!

I've joined another chapter of RWA, Hearts Through History http://www.heartsthroughhistory.com/ for writers of historical romance. I've been wanting to join this chapter for over a year. I don't know why I didn't sooner. What prompted me to finally sign up was a great workshop I'll be taking for the next two months on Scottish Highland history. Can't wait to learn more about this wonderful area I love writing about.