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I've been talking for a while about my new series, Silver Fox Romances, and I'm excited to announce that today is Release Day! I've been having such a great time writing about characters who've had a little more experience with life. The series will have a combination of novels, novellas and short stories. With small town romances, the reader can be sure to run into a lot of familiar characters over the course of the series. Some characters' stories will need time to develop, some won't have quite as much baggage to work through. And some will have fun, quick stories that can get you to a happy ending during your lunch hour or before bed.

CHOOSE ME is a friends-to-lovers romance. I love those, don't you? Two people who have a history together, but not a romantic one. To see the relationship develop - sometimes against their wishes - is as fun to write as it is to read.


Eve Corcoran hates being a cliché, but after her husband leaves her for a younger woman, she’s surprised how much she enjoys being on her own. When the empty nester hires the contractor next door to renovate her new apartment, her surprising feelings for him threaten to turn her new life upside down.

After Rick Best lost his wife, he never expected to fall in love again, especially not with the mother of his daughter’s best friend. He’s gone on enough rescue calls with the volunteer fire department to know life can change forever in an instant, and he can’t understand why Eve resists grabbing a second chance at happiness. 

Rick wants her to choose a life with him, but Eve is holding on tight to her newly-found independence. As she keeps pushing Rick away, however, being on her own starts to feel a whole lot like being lonely.


His phone was ringing when he got out of the shower. He snagged a towel, dashed into the bedroom and grabbed the phone off the dresser.
His voice was breathless as he caught it in time. “Hello?”
“Rick? It’s Eve, did I catch you at a bad time?”
“No. Just got out of the shower and I’m dripping all over the floor.” His laugh cut off. Why did he tell her that? Did he want her to picture him naked? Did he want to think about her picturing him naked? Gah, he wished he’d never had that conversation with Heather.
“Sorry. Do you want to call me back when you’re…um…dry…um…dressed?” Thank goodness that was amusement he heard in Eve’s voice. Or was it embarrassment?
“No. Just give me a sec.” Rick dropped the phone to the mattress, dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist. He shook his head at his actions. Like she could see him. What was wrong with him? “Okay, I’m back. What can I do for you?”
“You know my building on Main? Where my shop is?”
“Sure.” Two-story building with a brick facade. Good roof. Well-maintained from what he could see.
“I’d like to set up a time when you could come look at the apartment upstairs. It needs some work.”
“I heard your tenants took off.” Renters rarely treated property as well as homeowners did.
“Eloped,” she corrected. “Going to try their luck in L.A. but they didn’t do any damage.  I just want to make a few changes before I move in. Some upgrades to the kitchen and bath. Not too much work, I hope.”
“Wait a minute.” He must have heard her wrong. “You’re moving in? To the apartment?”
“Yes. Selling the house. Tess is bringing over the sign today, but she says she already has a couple of potential buyers so it might happen quickly.”
She sounded excited, but something about not seeing Eve next door made his chest feel suddenly hollow. “Wow. You never mentioned that last night.” And that was a stupid thing to say. “Sorry. I know you don’t have to tell me anything. I’m just…surprised.”
“Well, I only decided after I left your house last night.”
“I chased you away, huh? Don’t want to live next door to me anymore?” He hoped his voice sounded lighter than he felt.
“Don’t be silly. But the house is way too much for just me. It needs a family, you know?”
Yeah, he knew. He’d thought the same thing a few times about this place, but he wasn’t ready to leave behind the house where he and Cathy lived, where they’d raised Heather. He knew it had to have been a hard decision for Eve.
“So could you look at it and give me an estimate, or are you guys booked up a year in advance or something?”
“I can look at it. Are you free tonight?”
“Tonight? Sure. I’m still here at the apartment now.”
His chest felt lighter, fuller. “I’ll get dressed and be right over. Give me fifteen.”
Eve couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Rick had been naked while she’d been talking to him. Naked. Nude. Sans clothing. All that masculine skin with nothing covering it. She blew out a shaky breath.
She’d seen him in swim trunks often enough over the years. Both of their houses had pools, and since Amy and Heather had been joined at the hip for most of their lives, and Eve and Cathy had been friends, the two families had often been at one or the other’s houses.
But that was back when he’d been Cathy’s husband. When she’d been Don’s wife. Back then Eve had been able to appreciate a good looking man without coveting him or getting turned on. Those kinds of thoughts had never even crossed her mind.
But now…as she paced the scarred hardwood floor, Eve found herself getting all tingly at the thought of Rick having been naked while they shared words. And even more shivery knowing he was rushing over here as soon as he covered up that naked body.
What was wrong with her?
Crazy as it was, she dashed into the outdated bathroom to check her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess. She shoved her fingers through the strands, trying to fluff them up a little. She’d left her purse, and the brush inside, down in her shop and she didn’t have time to run down and get it now. Her lipstick was down there too. She bit her lip. Her face looked so pale when she didn’t have lipstick on. At least she was still in the dress and heels she’d worn for work, so she felt as if she had at least some of her armor in place.
What was she getting so worked up about? This was Rick. She’d known him for years. He’d seen her hundreds of times. It wasn’t as if he was going to care what she looked like. He was coming to look at the apartment, not her. She should be getting her thoughts together on the work she’d like to have done, not primping in front of the mirror.
There was a knock at the door at the bottom of the stairs. “Eve?”

I hope you'll want to give Choose Me a try, and then stick around for more stories in the Silver Fox Romance series. I'd love to hear what readers think about the books, and there is a new Silver Fox Romance FB page if you'd like to join in. 

Right now Choose Me is live at Amazon and iBooks. More venues will be coming soon!


Excerpt from The Highlander!

Horde of arctic wolves in a zoo
Okay, White Wolf Christmas is not up for preorder yet, but will soon be. I’ll post when it is. Between a Rock and a Hard Place is available for preorder. They’re working on the cover now.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
April 2017
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wildflowers-shadows-of-clouds-on-hills-and-river-640x360A picture I took of Scotland and all the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Excerpt from The Highlander, copyrighted by Terry Spear

His side and the back of his head throbbed with pain and the sound of flowing water filled Niall MacNeill’s ears. Where in God’s wounds was he and what had happened to him? He opened his eyes to low morning light—made grayer by a thick mist. His mind, cloaked in a hazy fuzz, finally cleared enough for him to realize he was on his belly beside a river. He groaned, his head pounding, and he recalled the Murray clansman striking the blow that had knocked him out.

But Niall wondered where in the world he was.
He stared at the river, his thoughts so groggy, he couldn’t think straight. The… the Scottish Lowlands. He must have been left for dead.
The back of his head and his side burned.
He twisted too quickly to see if his Viking friend, raised as a brother, was nearby. Pain jabbed Niall where he’d been injured—a glancing sword wound in his side, and his head felt like it would split open if he moved again. He moaned a curse.
“Gunnolf,” he called out low, trying not to call attention to himself if any of the Murray clansmen were still about.
Gurgling water slipped over the stones near his head, the rushing sound of the river in the deeper part, but he heard no voices. No sounds of human movement. Just the river’s flow and birds twittering in a nearby tree.
He prayed Gunnolf was well and not worse off than Niall was. Or worse… dead.
His head throbbed with a perpetual dull ache now. Reaching up, Niall felt the back of his skull. A sticky wetness covered his fingers. Blood. His blood. His thoughts jumbled, he could barely remember how he came to be here.
Ambushed! The brigands had struck right after he and Gunnolf had washed in the river, dressed in fresh clothes, and intended to sleep the night. The Clan Murray, he thought coldly, after they’d run into them earlier in the day and asked one of the men if he knew anything about a Frenchwoman living in the region.
Another ragged jab of pain radiated through the wound in his side, and he reached out to scoop up some water in his hands and splashed it on his face, the cold river jarring him from his stupor. Devil take the bastard who’d cut him and struck such a blow to his skull that the man had knocked him out. The man most likely believed him dead.
But where was Gunnolf? Niall had to find him as soon as he was able.
He thought he heard the bleating of sheep off in the distance in the glen and roused himself to a sitting position. Pain in his skull and side stabbed him so sharply, he fought drifting into a cave of blackness again. The groan he heard, he belatedly realized, was his own. Somehow, he managed to conquer the dizziness and focus again on his surroundings.
Woods, green hills, jagged gray stone topping taller mountains in the distance, and the blue river behind him filled his view.
Sheep meant a sheepherder would be nearby, and he could seek his help. As long as the man wasn’t one of Cian Murray’s men. Though, he didn’t think it could be as the Murray Clan had settled farther west, mostly living in the Highlands.
Niall surveyed the brush and trees along the river, his gaze fixing on his sword half hidden in the long grasses and heather. He smiled darkly. He could lose most anything else, but he couldn’t live without his sword. Although not having his horse provided more of a challenge also. He needed him back just as much.
Niall attempted to stand, and every move filled him with excruciating pain. He fought an overwhelming lightheadedness and the blackness that threatened to overcome him. After finally standing, listing to the side a little, he retrieved his sword and sheathed it. Then he began the slow walk in the direction of the sheep’s calls, remembering the task his cousin, Laird James MacNeill, had put before him. He and Gunnolf were to accompany the Chattan brothers and their kin on the way to see their McEwan cousin and his ward. During the journey, Niall and Gunnolf were to split off from them and continue on their way to the Lowlands, to the area around Banbh. There, they were to locate a French lady whose father had once saved James’s life in combat during the Crusades and now needed the MacNeill’s protection—without alerting anyone as to their business.
She was here, somewhere in the region, if Niall could discover her location. As soon as he had her in hand, he and Gunnolf would return her to James’s safekeeping. But he had to find his friend first. Once they accomplished the task, he and Gunnolf would find some other worthy cause to champion.
For now, Niall concentrated on putting one foot before the other and not collapsing in a bloody heap in the tall green grasses again, worried about Gunnolf, their horses, and another encounter with Cian and his men.
An impenetrable mist cloaked the lands in a chilly grayness late that morn, and the area appeared dark and more formidable, Anora thought as she returned home after selling several of her sheep at market in Banbh. A strange red glow in the sky to the north of her stone cottage caught her attention. A campfire? She studied the sight as she latched the gate to the pen.
Her dog suddenly growled a low warning, and she turned to watch him, trying to discern what the matter was. His rusty brown and white fur stood on end, his long flappy brown ears perked up, listening to only sounds he could hear. He sniffed at the air, his white fringed tail stiffening. Then he sniffed at the ground.
“What is wrong, Charlie?” Anora whispered.
He looked up at her and wagged his tail, then turned his attention to the cottage again.
Not taking any chances, Anora grabbed a pitchfork from the haystack. She had her sgian dubh tucked in its sheath at her waist, but she was afraid someone still might get the best of her if she used the shorter knife.
Curses on anyone who might have slipped inside her home to steal from her, again. Just because she lived alone, did not mean she was without resources.
Barely breathing, she crept toward the cottage. The tiny stones along the path crunched with every step she took, setting her nerves on edge. With the prongs of the fork, she pushed the door aside. The rusted hinges creaked, and the noise made her stop dead. Her heart thundered so out of control, she could scarcely hear anything else.
The flap of sheepskin over the window on the north side of her house fluttered with the breeze, drawing her attention as Anora peered into the dim light. Not seeing anyone inside, she took a step into the main room. The door to her sleeping room rested slightly ajar, catching her gaze next. Her mind raced as she tried to remember how she’d left it that morning. Closed, she thought. Emitting a low growl, her dog still stood at the front door, and Anora frowned.
“Some guard dog you are,” she whispered.
Bringing her pitchfork back to the ready, she steeled herself and angled the weapon up. Holding her breath, she gingerly walked across the stone floor. Charlie ran into the middle of the main room growling more loudly this time, but remaining behind her—her rearguard.
“Shh, you are scaring me more than anyone else, Charlie,” Anora whispered, holding her finger to her lips, fearing he would alert whoever might be in her cottage that she had arrived. Not that the creaking door wouldn’t have already done so. Though if the intruder was still here, he was being very quiet.
Panting, Charlie settled his rump on the floor and waited for her next command. Her hands clammy as she gripped the pitchfork tightly in her clenched fists, Anora inched forward.
When she reached the simple slat door, she pushed at it with the sharp prongs of her pitchfork, but finding the door resisted her efforts, she paused, trying to figure out what could be blocking it.
Hand on the door, she pushed again and found a chair held it partly jammed in place. She knew she should leave. Someone was still in the room. But it was her cottage. Well, she rented it from the local laird, but still, she had nearly always lived here and it felt as though it was hers. She had nowhere else to go and no one else who could take care of this for her. She wasn’t going to allow it.
Steeling her back, she again tightened her grip on the pitchfork. If she sucked in her breath, she could slip in through the sliver of the makeshift entrance.
Heart thudding and holding her breath, Anora inched her way through the doorway, careful not to make a sound on the cobblestone floor in here. The windowless room was fairly dark, the scant bit of light filtering in from the main room, allowing her to see the closest objects, the bed and the small table next to it. Everything else faded into the darkness.
Once inside, she saw a large lump of a figure sleeping in her bed, half-buried in sheepskin covers. Her breath escaped in a whoosh. She clasped her hand to her mouth to muffle her gasp. Even though she knew someone had to be in her sleeping chamber, she still couldn’t contain her surprise. Not when that someone was a large man—half naked!—and sleeping in her bed.
The Highlander, Book 5
Anna, the shepherdess, finds a half-naked man in her bed, so what’s a woman living alone in a cottage in the Lowlands of Scotland supposed to do? Prod him with her pitchfork to chase him off! Only the man is not just a traveler seeking her bed for a rest—but a wounded Highlander, who fights back, swinging his sword!
Niall MacNeill is searching for a Frenchwoman of nobility to escort to his brother’s castle for safekeeping, when he and his friend, Gunnolf, are attacked by another Highland clan, seeking the same woman. The other Highlanders wish to sell her to the highest bidder—English or French—it does not matter.
Niall takes refuge in a sheepherder’s cottage to heal up from his wounds and discovers the shepherdess taking care of him may very well be the woman he seeks. He has no intention of doing anything but what his brother requests of him—ensure her safety on their way to Craigly Castle—but when the lass so bravely wields her pitchfork at him, he is thinking of other, more interesting possibilities.

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Terry Spear
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What's in a Desk?

Okay, so I’m here in Los Angeles for five weeks while my husband works on a business project. We’re staying at a well-known Beverly Hills hotel, and since we’re going to be here for more than a month, I brought along my laptop to do some writing while he’s at work. There’s just one problem…

There’s no desk in the room.

What? A hotel room without a desk? There WAS a desk in this hotel room when we were here last January, but now it’s gone. How the heck does a business person (or a girl with a laptop) work in a room without a desk??

Answer: Blame it on the millennials…

I asked about the missing desk at the Concierge Desk in the lobby (oh yes, THEY have a desk!) and was told that their primary hotel clients these days are millennials, and millennials work without desks. Huh? They work on computers, right? Just like the rest of us?

Yes they do. But I was told that their preferred way to work on their computers is to have them propped on their laps on the couch, or else in bed.

I actually confirmed this with my niece, who’s 25. Yep, while at home, she works on her laptop mostly in bed. (Hmm. I forgot to ask her if she has a desk at work.)

Boy, I feel totally out of touch with the modern world.

However, I’m glad to report that this story has a happy ending. The hotel says it regularly deals with Hollywood stars and their outrageous demands (not that I think a desk is an outrageous demand). Thankfully, they had a desk in storage, which they graciously brought up to our room.

So now here I am, writing this blog post. But ironically, I’m sitting on the hotel couch!

Maybe there’s hope yet that I can be trendy…


Photos from Edinburgh

Just over a year ago, I visited Scotland with two friends. It was an amazing adventure, as it always is in Scotland. Our first stop was Edinburgh for three days. We were very busy every day, walking several miles and seeing the beautiful city. Here are some photos.

Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood Palace

The Scott Monument

Royal Mile

Royal Mile

Inside Edinburgh Castle

The portcullis of Edinburgh Castle

David Livingston Statue and the Scott Monument

Thanks for checking out my photos!

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DEFENDED BY A HIGHLAND RENEGADE by Vonda Sinclair -- A bride on the run doesn't expect a kilted outlaw to come to her rescue…
TARTANS AND TRYSTS by Victoria Roberts -- This Highland warrior is about to lose the battle to a lass who's already won his heart…
HIS HIGHLAND ROSE by Willa Blair -- He is the one man who can see her soul and show her who she truly is—his only love…

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When the infamous King Richard dagger is stolen from Highland chief, Dugald MacKerrick, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, even abduct the wife of the aristocratic thief, but what if his beautiful French hostage isn't who he thinks she is? Deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dugald discovers not only is his captive, Camille Bouchard, more than he expected, so is the passion raging between them, threatening everything he thought mattered to him. 

A Few Good Guys

Do you prefer your heroes a little more Richard Castle than Christian Grey? Do you need a break from CEOs, billionaires, and bad boys? Follow the link to a Few Good Guys.

One of my books, CHEMISTRY, is featured, along with a number of other great romances, on my friend, Christa Maurice's blog. Those bad boys are great, but those good guys...mmm. Check them out! You might find some new favorite book boyfriends!


Cougar's Mate on 99 cent (USD) Sale, First Time Ever!! And Fall Colors!

 Excerpt from Cougar's Mate by Terry Spear:

The sky grew darker as Shannon stared out the entrance of the cave, watching for any sign of danger. She hadn’t seen any hikers or hunters. Yes, she’d noticed the tents at the campsite near the lake. She’d even considered that after the men retired to their tents and their sleeping bags tonight, she could go there and catch a fish in the lake. The campers wouldn’t be able to see her at night. Then she’d have it made. But once she’d rescued the boy, she nixed that idea. If they somehow did catch sight of her, they would know she was a dangerous predator, looking for a new source of meat. Maybe even them.

It didn’t matter. She couldn’t have let the boy drown. Several times she’d woken during the day, thinking she’d heard a child screaming. Forget his having nightmares about last night. She was having them!

The moonlight softly illuminated the golden aspen, the leaves fluttering in the chilly breeze. She closed her eyes briefly.

She had enough nightmares to deal with without piling up any more on top of those. She had intended to stay here in the area because she hadn’t located any sign of wolves or black bears. If she ran into a black bear or wolf pack? Both predators would push a cougar out of their territory or kill him.

She hadn’t smelled either in the vicinity. Only cougars. And a lot of them. Cougars didn’t run in packs. Which was why a cougar would be at risk when encountering a wolf pack. A lone wolf was no match for a cougar’s claws and teeth. But with a lot of cougars congregating together? It had to mean they were shifters. And they kept the other big predators away. So she thought she had half a chance at surviving here. Bears and wolves would find some other place to hunt.

She’d never smelled so many cougars in one area before though and it did worry her that they’d locate her and then what? Interrogate her. Why would a female shifter run in the wilderness by herself with no camping equipment anywhere?

Even if they didn’t learn who she was, she couldn’t go to any of them and ask for help. Not in her cougar form. Without clothes, she couldn’t just walk into town naked, either. Besides, she was a wanted woman, and she was certain no one would believe her word over the rest of her boyfriend’s family. Not when Hennessey Kelly was a cop, which meant she was on her own.

The crimson sky turned to blackness and all that was left was the moon and a sprinkling of stars. Shannon rose, listened, her ears perked, trying to hear anything other than the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves down below. She heard no sign of humans and leapt down to the next ledge.

Thankfully, her kind could leap eighteen feet in one bound, up or down. And horizontally? As much as forty to forty-five feet. At a sprint, she could run full out for short distances at forty to fifty miles per hour, which was what she had planned—to race back to the lake, despite discounting the idea earlier, and then take however long it took to catch her meal.

She’d made it to the second rock ledge when she saw something move in her peripheral vision. A man standing on a lower ledge off to her right, his hands reaching for his rifle, slung over his shoulder. How could he see her at dusk?

He moved quickly as if he was a military man and not just a hunter. Before she could leap at him, he fired a shot, the sound ringing in her ears, echoing across the rocks. The last thought she had as she collapsed on the rock ledge above him was that she had lived a month longer than she thought she would have ever managed.
cougar close up teeth whiskes (640x427)
As soon as the she-cat landed on the stone, asleep, hopefully, Chase struggled to reach the ledge she was lying on. If he’d been in his cougar form, no problem. But to reach her as a human, he could have used climbing gear.

He hated having to shoot her as much as it felt as if he were shooting one of his own people. But he wasn’t. He had just knocked out a wild cat protecting herself that might have killed him, based on survival instinct alone.

He grasped the top of the ledge, got a couple of toe holds with his boots, and pulled himself halfway up the rock face when he saw a naked woman lying on the granite, her back to him, and his tranquilizer dart in her shoulder. Shocking him to the core, he gaped at her. Holy shit.

Silky, dark brown, nearly black hair draped around her neck, the rest of her tan skin covered in chill bumps from the cold. Before he could climb on top of the ledge to reach her, and while he was still processing that the cougar was a shifter, and not a full she-cat, his cell phone rang.

His nerves, normally made of steel, shattered into a million fragments. He climbed up onto the ledge and hurried to pull the dart out of the woman’s shoulder, then jerked off his parka. After rushing to lay it on the ledge and then lifting her onto it, he pulled her arms into the sleeves and then buttoned it up to her throat. The parka only came to high thigh, but he couldn’t do anything about that for now. He glanced up at the cave above them, assuming she must have been staying there.

His breath coming out in a misty fog and his heart pounding hard, he made the rest of the arduous climb to reach the cave to grab her clothes and ID. He stalked inside, using his cell phone to provide some extra light as pitch black as it was in there, and found—nothing. Not a backpack, not a stitch of clothes. Certainly no ID. And she wasn’t anyone he remembered ever having seen before.
He hadn’t thought he could be shocked any further.

“God, what a nightmare.” He had to get the nearly naked, sleeping woman down the cliffs somehow. And he had to keep her warm until then.

He called Dan to give him an update. “Dan.”

“Yeah, I tried calling you to let you know the cougar headed in this direction at some point, but I haven’t found any sign of him. Have you discovered anything your way?”

“Yeah. I sure as hell did. I’m in one hell of a mess. I need your help… pronto.”


Cougar Shifter

No fall colors here. Well, a few. I keep finding beautiful red leaves in my yard, but don't know where they're coming from. Otherwise, most of the trees just shed their leaves.
pear-tree-in-fall-colors-012-640x427This was as close to fall as I got at the old home with the pear trees.
pear-tree-in-fall-colors-010-640x427fog-and-fall-640x480-winterThis is Scotland in fall.

Cougars Mate FINAL 11292013 copy
Cougar’s Mate: Instinct told her to run…

Shannon Rafferty learns that hanging out with the bad boys could be a dangerous business, but hooking up with a cop is even worse. Now she’s on the run, trying to avoid being murdered by his cougar shifter brothers and uncle. If that isn’t bad enough, a deputy sheriff hunts her down while she’s running as a cougar and trying to survive in the Colorado wilderness. He vows to protect her no matter what she’s done. With three dead boyfriends to her name, she’s sure she will be the death of Chase Buchanan before either of them can prevent it. No matter how much she knows she has to run again, he soon holds her heart hostage. But will that be enough to keep them both alive?

Chase Buchanan—as wilderness cabin resort owner, former US Army Special Forces, and part time deputy of the small town of Yuma, Colorado that boasts a love of cougars—is tasked to track down a cougar reported to be hunting human prey. Chase soon learns she’s a shifter, not a full-time cougar, and she’s on the run. When he takes her in, he vows to protect her. After losing his wife and baby to the human kind of predator years earlier, he’s not letting Shannon’s hunters kill her, too. But how is he going to hold onto the wild-cat woman, who is unpredictable at every turn, without losing his heart to her, and then losing her as well?

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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