Now I've heard it all. According to the local newspaper and TV news, Bigfoot has been sighted several times in our area of NC. This is the first time in my life I've heard this. I always thought Bigfoot lived in the Pacific Northwest or Texas or Florida. Never here. They didn't have any photos or video footage that I'm aware of. Too bad. Here are links to the article and another Bigfoot photo in case you forgot what s/he looks like.

Since I was a little kid, Bigfoot has always fascinated me. Call me weird, but I would love it if someone actually proved a "Bigfoot" species really exists. Would they be some sort of early human more primitive than Neanderthal? Or an advanced ape? Either way, they'd have to be pretty intelligent to escape discovery and classification all these years. I find extinct and mythical animals or anything relating to Cryptozoology completely fascinating. Maybe that's why I enjoy writing about shapeshifters like werewolves, or men who turn into birds. Give me a good show about Nessie, saber-tooth cats, or dinosaurs with feathers and I'm glued to the TV.

Check out this dinobird.

Wonder if they tasted like chicken?

Speaking of which, meat-eating deer were found on the Scottish island of Rum.

A romance writer who's also a geek? Possibly.

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