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For the holidays, I'm giving away two of my books! One is Stolen by a Highland Rogue. This book has never been free before and it will only be free for a couple more days. It is only available in the Kindle format at the moment.

Don't you love it when the heroine gives the hero a bloody nose... because he deserves it? :)
He was the Highlander—Dugald—Camille had seen in the inn's common room two days before. 'Twas true, he was a brute, as his sister had stated.
Why in hades was he kidnapping her? Camille was no chief's wife!
On the muddy ground, the men held her tightly in place. One of the Highlanders tied a gag in her mouth, while another bound her hands in front. Panic gripping her throat, she struggled against them, turning this way and that. 'Twas the same stark terror she'd felt when some knave had snatched her off the street in London the year before. But Angelique was not with her to shoot her abductor this time.
Camille would have to gain her freedom herself. What other choice did she have? If she could survive all she'd endured in the past two years, surely she could fight her way out of Dugald's grasp.
Damn him and his minions! No matter how hard she struggled, she could not twist from the grip of their strong hands. Holding a rope, Dugald bent toward her ankles. Seeing the opening, she kicked at his face and her toe smashed against his regal nose.
"Damnation!" he growled, lurching upright and wiping at his bloody nose. His glare burned through her. "Hold her ankles."
A sudden wild urge to laugh in his face struck her, but that was impossible with a gag in place. Baring her teeth, she screamed and yelled but the sounds came out muffled.
The proud laird dabbed at his bleeding nose with a handkerchief. At least now he knew she was no helpless little lady.
Despite her best efforts to break two more noses with well-placed kicks, the men finally tied her ankles together.
"Damn you!" she tried to yell, but the words only emerged as a blunted moan.
What was she going to do?
If they would but allow her to speak, she would tell them who she was! Or if she could reach her calf, she would pull out her small dagger and stab le connard.
She could not believe a true chief could be so loutish. Her cousin was married to a chief who was far more civil, although equally large and commanding.
"Bring my horse!" Dugald ordered his minions. One of them rushed to do his bidding. When the huge, snorting beast stood beside them, he mounted. "Wrap her cloak around her and hand her up to me."
One of his guards did as he asked, enfolding her black woolen cloak so tightly around her she could hardly move, then lifted her to the saddle in front of the barbarian. Sitting sideways, she smashed her head into his rock-hard chin. Ouch! She feared it hurt her more than it had him.
He growled a curse. "Be still, wench, and I won't hurt you." He tugged her tightly against his solid chest.
Her ankles tied together, she kicked her heels against his solid calf, but he must not have even felt it, for he made no comment, not even a grunt.
They galloped away upon the massive horse and left the town behind, his men following.
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When the infamous King Richard dagger is stolen from Highland chief, Dugald MacKerrick, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, even abduct the wife of the aristocratic thief, but what if his beautiful French hostage isn't who he thinks she is? Deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dugald discovers not only is his captive, Camille Bouchard, more than he expected, so is the passion raging between them, threatening everything he thought mattered to him.
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The other FREE book is My Fierce Highlander!

Gwyneth Carswell, an English lady banished by her father to the harsh Scottish Highlands, wants nothing more than to take her young son away from the violence of two fighting clans--her own distant kin, the MacIrwins, and their enemies, the MacGraths. She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he's left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance. Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family?

Laird Alasdair MacGrath is driven to end two-hundred years of feuding with the MacIrwins. But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy. As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her--give up her son or the man she loves. Free at:
In addition, when you download the free Kindle version, the audiobook is only $1.99.

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