Kitten Promo!

I'm glad to say I received my copies of the French edition of My Brave Highlander. Kaylee's kittens are five months old now, almost grown, so I've given them work to do, helping me promote my books. LOL

Bluebelle and Pixie check out the books. "These smell good, like box."

"Look! It haz Highlander on cover!"

Bluebelle and Jax

"Hey! Buy these books!" Pixie


"Don't touch my mousie!"


Bluebelle loves the toy mouse.

Kaylee (mama) in front and Jax (her son) behind.


Jax is looking Egyptian here.


Jax has one white whisker. :) Bluebelle is posing.

Pixie and Jax.

Thanks for checking out my pics!

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