Noah's ark in Tampa

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day

How does that old children’s rhyme go?

Oh. My. God. Here in Florida, I’m pretty sure it’s rained every day but one over the last three weeks. In the sunshine state!

Tampa is drowning. Literally. Parts of it are under water. Rivers have flooded. Roads are closed. Two Sundays ago, eight inches of water fell in 24 hours. Some areas have gotten more than 20-inches total already.

I’m talking thunder. Lightning. Torrential, monsoon downpours. Noah’s ark-type water.

At first, I thought it was cool. Like in, ‘Oooh, let me curl up with a cup of tea and a good book’ cool. That lasted maybe the first three days. Or maybe not even that long, since I had to drive to work in the rain, drive home from work in the rain, and grocery shop in the rain. Pretty soon I was coming home, stripping down to my undies, and throwing my clothes directly into the dryer. (BTW, wet shoes do not dry well…)

Heck, even our backyard pool overflowed.

My husband is English, and even he’s sick of the rain by this point!

Although, I must admit, watching the news at night makes me feel a little guilty about our rain.
California is being burned to the ground by wildfires. They could sure use some of the H2O we’re getting. I wish there was a way we could airlift it to them for fire drops. Colorado and Alaska are suffering from fires, too. The Northeast was recently hit with a freak hail storm and 60mph winds. What’s the weather coming to? Where’s summer, for goodness sake?

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be so upset about a little rain. I’ve been able to turn off our lawn sprinklers, saving a little money (hopefully). Most outdoor activities have been cancelled, which has given me a lot of unexpected free time in the evenings. I guess I should just take advantage of Mother Nature’s tears and see it as a positive.

I will. I really will. At least until the first sinkhole appears. Because you know it will, since this is Florida and we’re about two inches above sea level.

Until next month,

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