Great Review for Playing for Real

Playing for Real, the final book in the Paolo's Playhouse series, released on Feb 4th. I've loved being a part of that world. And was thrilled at the great review it got from Harlequin Junkie.

"Playing for Real (Paolo’s Playhouse) by Natasha Moore is a real scorcher. It is a tastefully done BDSM romance with an engaging plot, interesting characters and an adult playhouse where sexual fantasies come true...Wow, this is an unbelievably hot and erotic book. Ms. Moore’s voice is enticing and smooth, which kept me engaged during a couple of harsher BDSM scenes that would normally turn me off. I found the cover to be extremely inviting, due to the color variations. If you enjoy erotic romance combined with BDSM, look no further than Playing for Real."


Maybe she should cancel before it was too late. Julianne paced the living room floor, her phone clutched in her hand. She couldn’t pretend this was an ordinary date. Couldn’t pretend it was an ordinary man she thought about as she had showered and dressed to order. It was a play date. With a Dom. What had she been thinking?

There was nothing wrong with her solitary life. She made her own decisions and didn’t have to answer to anyone. She wasn’t a submissive. She didn’t need to get all tied up in this—

Her phone buzzed, vibrating in her palm. Maybe this was Paolo. Maybe he was cancelling. Maybe he realized this was a mistake. She glanced at the screen. It wasn’t Paolo. “Hey.”

“You are still alive.”

She grimaced at her best friend’s sarcastic tone of voice. “Stacey.” There had been a time when they saw each other at
least once a week.

“It’s been almost two months, Jules. You’re taking workaholic to the extreme.”

“I know. Booming business is a mixed blessing.” Not that it was booming exactly, but it did keep her busy. “Sorry I haven’t called you back.”

“Well, I’m not giving you a chance to blow me off again. I’m on my way to pick you up. We’re going to go get some drinks. Have dinner. Bad mouth all the guys who don’t appreciate us.”

“Oh I’m sorry, Stace. I have plans.”

“Yeah, probably picking out paint colors or something. Cancel them.”

“I can’t.” And Julianne realized she didn’t want to. She might not be submissive but she had to see if what happened last week was a fluke. To see if she could give up control again. She wasn’t sure she could, even to get the best sex of her life. Even with a Dom as experienced as Paolo. A man as sexy as Paolo.

What would Stacey think if she knew Julianne was looking forward to another bout of bondage sex with a man she just met?

“Jules? You still there?”

“Yeah. Sorry. I have a date.”

“On a Monday night? Come on.”

“Really.” The loud rasp of the buzzer made Julianne jump. “I have to go, Stace. I’ll call you later. Promise.” She disconnected the call and then slapped a shaky hand on the intercom button. “Yes?”

“Julianne? It’s Paolo.”

She shivered simply from the sound of his sexy, lyrical voice speaking her name. She swallowed before she could speak. “I’ll be right down.”

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