Once it Gets Warmer

Like most of the US, western NY has been seeing unbroken cold weather for what feels like forever. We may be on the way to March but right now it feels as if winter will be here forever. I've been hibernating for weeks, rarely leaving the house. Getting a lot of writing and reading done, but it hasn't done much for the shape of my body.

So I've decided I have to stop putting off things. The things I keep saying I'll do "once it gets warmer".

I'll get my hair cut once it gets warmer. I let my hair grow over the winter but now I feel like it's just hanging there and I'd really like to get a cut that looks like an actual style. BUT...right now it covers my neck and it's freaking cold!

So I made an appointment to get my hair cut. Lots of people have short hair in the winter, right? I'll just need to wear a lot of scarves to keep my neck warm.

I'll start walking once it gets warmer. I love to walk around our village. We are on a lake and it's a beautiful sight to have on my walks. But not so fun when there is frigid air blowing across the frozen lake.

So I need to use the treadmill more. Yeah, it's not as much fun, but I can get my heart rate up and burn a few calories. My butt has not fared well with all the writing and reading I've been doing this winter.

I'll get more fresh air once it gets warmer. This is a tough one. As I said, I've been hibernating - not necessarily sleeping in, but staying in. I've decided I need to push myself to bundle up and get some fresh air every day. I'd like to say I'd get some sunshine when I go outside too, but we haven't had a lot of that either...

I'm finishing up one book, the first in a new series I will be publishing this year. I just got edits on another story which will come out from Samhain later this year. I'm eager to start book three in my Her Royal Romance series. So I have plenty of reasons to sit inside. But I need to get up and move as well.

My hubby and I are planning a trip to Florida next month. Hopefully there it will be warm enough to walk a lot, get tons of fresh air and sunshine, and be glad I have a shorter hair cut.

But as for now...I'll try not to put so many things off until it gets warmer.

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