A Day in the Life of an Author

 I'd like to say I am female version of Richard Castle, author teamed up with a beautiful homicide detective, only in my case, with a hunky Highlander from Scotland Yard, or maybe a JAG agent in the jaguar shifter world, or following the Silver Brothers around to help with anything they need help with, or the SEAL wolves....yes!!!

The reality is that I was rereading Jaguar Pride again, finished two more bears for orders, made up gift baskets for RT Convention, and fed the cardinals and got some pictures. Oh, and began reading another Rita book. While I was working on the bears, I watched Richard Castle have all the fun!


Just kidding! Everything I do in the day of a life of a writer is fun.

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Another bear finished for another order! Two more to go! Plus, I have to ship these today.

And I was super excited to see the female cardinal feeding on one of the bird feeders my mother had out, which makes it even more special for me. Right behind the cardinal, you can see the bunny's ears as the bunny thinks the dish is his. Or... it's sharing the seeds with his bird friends. See how I have to make up a story for everything?

 And I'm back to writing! Still trying to get everything back up on my new computer after my old one crashed and it's amazing how much I lose every time. :(

And so that's what I was doing. :)

So my question to you is: Can my cardinals eat too much seed? Do the birds feed at night? I didn't think birds did, unless they were nocturnal birds--birds of prey and such, but the seed is all gone by morning. It will sit there all day and no one will eat it. So just curious!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


Vonda Sinclair said...

Great pics, Terry! I love your bears!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Vonda!! :) Looking forward to critiquing with you again one of these days. Highlanders all the way. :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

I look forward to it too! Woohoo Highlanders! :)

Ruby said...

Female version of Richard Castle? That is awesome! And in my opinion, it will definitely be a hit. Well, who wouldn’t love to live the life of someone who solves crimes with a hunky Highlander from Scotland Yard, right? I just hope this story is not included in the files you lost when your computer crashed. Crashes like this can really be a pain in the neck. But I guess it will not be a problem anymore, as you backup everything in your new computer. How is it, by the way?

Ruby @ WilliamsDataManagement.com