Are You Ready for Cougar Shifter Story? A Historical Wolf Story?

I've been working on a cougar shifter story for a while after fans asked me about it. I LOVE my wolf packs. And I LOVE my jaguar shifters--they're exotic animals, which makes them fun to write. But cougars are all over North America, and so I really wanted to write about them TOO.

And so, coming this year, the first in the series: Cougar's Mate.

I also have a book I'm revising that I hope to have out this year also:

I love historical books. I read them all the time. But my favorite is medieval and there aren't as many of them. I love, love, love Highlanders. But I had already written a number of English historical romances and so I'm in the process of revising this one to show my other favorite genre to write about: wolf shifters. :) 

In my wolf shifter books, they have a historical past. They live long lives. So I often have a historical background in my contemporary books. But I thought it would be fun to actually write about that historical wolf and how they coped.

This will be the first of the series. I need to come up with a series name though! :)  Any ideas?

I'm also working on those sexy Highland heroes, well, in this case it's Gunnolf and he's a Viking, but he's got to have a Highland lass!

And I'm currently proofing A Hero of a Highland Wolf.

And Silence of the Wolf is coming out March 4, so writing up all the blogs for the blog tour for that!

And having Jaguar Pride beta read before I turn it in.

Oh, and on Cougar's Mate, looking for second book title, maybe Call of the Cougar?

Have a lovely Saturday!

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