Happy Olympics Day!

It's the month of love, and I'm watching the Olympics. There's a lot of love at the Olympics. A lot of stories, too. From the winners and losers to the guy who had to break down the door to his bathroom to get out to the journalists who delight in reporting more on the poor accommodations at Sochi than the ski-jumping.

I love the Olympics for this reason. I love the human interest stories and the craziness (Bob Costas with pink eye? What?) even though the media outlets force the melodrama a bit. But they have to. Let's face it, few people, except sports enthusiasts, would watch the Olympics without the drama. And those few people--the ten luge fans, the fifteen curling fans, and the twelve ice dancing aficionados--don't have enough viewing power to make the advertisers happy. I've watched the Olympics since I was a little girl, and even though now I tend to read Twitter updates and watch short video clips instead of sitting for hours waiting on the coverage to get to figure skating, I still like the idea that for a whole five minutes somewhere two or three athletes are getting along because they just dig their sport so much they respect each others' skills instead of hating each other because their flags don't match.

I've never written a story about the Olympics, modern or otherwise, but they do fascinate me. Like many little girls, I always wanted to be a figure skater and dance on the ice, preferably with a hunky partner. I can tell I'm getting older, because now I want to be that figure skater, but I'd also like to try luge, half-pipe, and maybe ski-jumping. I think it's a mid-life thing, because Lord knows I'd never jump off of anything without a safety belt otherwise.

What about you? What's your favorite story of the Olympics? What sport would you compete in if you could? Where would you like the next Olympics to be if you could pick? Lots of questions. Want to answer? Just comment!

Happy Reading!

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Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

I'd love to see it in Salzbergerland, Austria. I tweeted!