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“Exciting romance with sweet, sexy wolf shifter hero!”

Silence Of The Wolf
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted February 10, 2014

SILENCE OF THE WOLF is Book thirteen in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. As a fan of Terry Spear and this series, I have been waiting for gray werewolf Tom Silver to have a story of his own for a long time. He is my favorite of the three Silver brothers.
This story takes place in Silver Town, Colorado. Silver Town is a unique environment and it’s nice to re-visit it in this story. It’s a town run by wolf shifters and they make up the majority of the population.

Elizabeth Wildwood is an interloper to this town. She has a lot to be anxious about: she is a red wolf/coyote shifter in a town full of gray wolf shifters, and she is trying to get evidence of her parents’ possible murder. There were many sources of conflict in this story — rogue wolves loose in Silver Town riling up the human farmers, shadowy figures trying to capture Elizabeth, and the mystery surrounding Elizabeth’s parents’ death. All these things kept up the level of excitement and made things interesting.

For me this is a book very much about family. Elizabeth is stunned and deeply touched by how much acceptance and friendship she finds among the gray wolf shifters. Acceptance is something that has always been in short supply for her. The only time she has felt love has been when her mother and father were alive. She was hidden or looked down on by both her mother and father’s families for being both wolf and coyote. It’s this bad experience with family that makes it difficult for her to trust that she can find happiness and attract and hold onto love. Of course this makes Tom the perfect guy for her since he’s such a sweet and sexy combination.

SILENCE OF THE WOLF continues Terry Spear’s tradition of writing strong female characters and sweet, sexy male characters. I really enjoyed this romance and I think Elizabeth and Tom are a great match. I love that they have a teasing, fun flirtation right from the beginning. As always with this author’s books, the secondary characters are great as well and really add to the story. It’s great to catch up with favorite characters from past books like Sam and Silva. I loved this romance and eagerly await the next book in this series as well as other books by Terry Spear!

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A hunky werewolf and a beautiful stranger collide in this hot new paranormal shape-shifting romance
Gray werewolf Tom Silver is determined to find the wolves who have been attacking local livestock. While tracking the pack through the Rockies, a blizzard forces him into a remote cabin where he hears a plane crash nearby. When he discovers the sole survivor is a beautiful female werewolf/ coyote shifter mix, bound as a prisoner, he knows it’s his duty to hide her. Now, they are both at risk as a search ensues for the missing prisoner. Will Tom be able to protect this beautiful stranger while tracking down the wolves responsible for terrorizing the local livestock?

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal romance novels and five medieval Highland historical romances. Her 2008 novel, Heart of the Wolf, was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year (romance category). A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Texas. For more information, please visit

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


WaterSinger said...

The MacNeill's are my favorite wolf-pack! The kilted pack, of course!

Tara Grell said...

The silver pack are my favorite. Although I love them all I've read the silver pack books the most.

Tara Grell said...

They are my favorite pack because of their town and the adventures they share are the best in my opinion

Terry Spear said...

Firefox decided not to let me respond so had to switch over to Chrome.

Thanks, WaterSinger! Yes, the Highlanders are sure hunky, both in and out of their kilts--I mean to say that they are now wolves. :) Right. :)

Tara, thanks so much! I'm having a ball writing about them. Tom is just about the perfect wolf for a girl! :) But I love them all.

A.Caldwell said...

Oh my! I have read every book in this series and I can't pick a favorite pack because I love each and everyone. This series is so much fun to read.

Terry Spear said...

Hey, Angela, I'm so thrilled you've loved them!! :) I can't say I have a favorite of the packs either, because I love all of them equally. :)

Unknown said...

I love the McNeill's pack/Clan.
Love their adventures!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Carolyn! I think you'll enjoy Grant's new story too. :)

CarynMoyaBlock said...

I love all the packs and have been waiting for Tom's book. I like that the Silver men dream of their mates.

Terry Spear said...

Hey, Caryn, thanks so much! I love that they dream of them too!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so everyone for their comments! Caryn and Angela, you are the winners! :)