Prince Max, the Toilet Paper Thief!

Well, I finally succumbed. With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I wouldn’t have done so, but I’m not traveling as much this year and even less next year, so I decided to get a dog. I’ve always had pets, but when my standard poodle died, I was working full time and writing full time so I figured it wasn’t a good idea to get another. Then I was writing full time and taking trips all the time.
I wanted another dog that didn’t shed. I’ve had poodles, silkies, and an Afghan hound. And I had a Lab, loved her, but she shed all the time. Course I had short haired cats too, and one long-haired one. Not all at the same time.

This time I went for a Havanese because they’re supposed to be good with kids and dogs and cats and people in general. Just a sweet disposition. So this is Prince Maximilian, Max for short.

5 mos old Havanese Puppy
5 mos old Havanese Puppy
Max is very white and has some silver and black
Max is very white and has some silver and black
Teddy 002 (397x640)

He’s now crashed out on my lap. I taught him to sit and come. :)

Max Caught with the Evidence!
Max Caught with the Evidence!
Okay, Halvanese have a reputation for stealing paper toilet rolls. I didn’t believe it. Not in my house. No way. Never. And there he is, sitting on his towel chewing on a brand new paper towel. Yep. Cabinet door was open. So never say never.

I should have gotten a picture. The toilet roll was nearly as big as him. But when I was commenting on this issue, I looked down at him, and caught him with a remnant of the toilet paper. Caught in the act.

Okay, so I have been rereading His Wild Highland Lass. Nearly done with that, and I need to get back to Phantom Fae.

Prince Max dressed for Christmas. Yes, yes, his collar flipped up. Hey, I was trying to get him to sit still long enough while the camera focused. :)  Next time!
Max and his jester costume.
Max and his jester costume.

Off to work on His Wild Highland Lass. Note the Scottish leash? If they’d had a jaguar one, I would have gotten it.

Max Sleeping on my Lap While I'm Typing
Max Sleeping on my Lap While I’m Typing
Have a great Saturday! I need to get cracking on word count for Phantom Fae too. :)

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Vonda Sinclair said...

He is adorable, Terry!!!!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Vonda!! He finally went to sleep last night with only a couple of whimpers, and no barking and that was it. Woohoo!!! He's a real treasure! :)