Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone woke up yesterday to find lots of Christmas presents stacked under the tree and experiencing the giddy excitement of tearing open wrapping paper to see what magic you'd received.

For me, I got the best Christmas present that a writer -- and an avid reader! -- could hope for: an iPad Mini.

Talk about excited!!! I spent most of Christmas day filling up my device with new books and old favorites:

And swooning over the cool keyboard that (as a writer) will let me WRITE books as well as read them:

(That's me behind the camera -- hi everybody!)

Given the fact that the iPad mini can do email, FaceTime, texting, search Google, find weather forecasts, has a GPS, camera, and that I can play the addicting Words With Friends, I may never let this device out of my hands.


Frankly, I'm astonished I could drag myself away from it long enough to type this post.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Until next month,

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Carly Carson said...

Leigh, I'm interested in this because I also got an ipad for Christmas. My husband was buying for the kids, so he got me one. He said I can't use it for writing. The kids say it can't take Word. So how are you using it to write? Do you use Scrivener? I'm thinking of returning it but I'll keep it if it's useful.