My Birds are Back!

I've been seeing a lot of my birds come back after the hawk trouble I was having.  And my neighbor's cat was prowling and so when I began to take two little puppies out all the time, the birds watched from the trees and shrubs. Then I saw the whole colony of cardinals feeding. Though I think they lost one of their brothers to the hawk when I was gone a while back.
But it was fun seeing them again. It was getting to be dusk, and I need to clean my windows, and I was afraid to get closer to the window to really be able to stabilize the camera, so my pictures weren't all that great, but it was so much fun seeing all of them I had to try and get a few that might have turned out somewhat.
How many cardinals do you see?
How many cardinals do you see?
All male cardinals
All male cardinals
This really was an amazing sight to me because the hawk got one and then another bird, I found red feathers, so one day I saw a cardinal on top of the feeder that sits in the shrub. He was so wary. This time, all of them were flying down, feeding, sitting in a tree and I couldn't believe it. I would have thought that me going out with the dogs constantly would have made it worse as far as the birds being skittish. But they must realize that we're keeping the hawk and cat away.
The birds eat a lot of bugs, so I'm glad to have them.
Cardinal in the tree closer to the kitchen window
Cardinal in the tree closer to the kitchen window
Happy New Year!
Hopefully I'll be back before that, but it's been so hectic with working on housebreaking Tanner, the youngest pup at 8 weeks. Max was housebroken when I got him at 5 1/2 months. And With company.
I started putting away some Christmas decorations, only because it's a chore with having two puppies underfoot. :) So I figure it will take me a while.
And I need to do another new release blog for Jaguar Pride. And I'm still working on Phantom Fae every day, have word count, just need to finish the book. But I have a confession. My daughter and SIL got me PC game Dragon Age: Inquisition. I love the Dragon Age stories, and I'm having a ball. Got all my characters killed off over fighting a dragon, so need to figure out how to do that, but hey, here I'm writing about dragon shifters in the fae world, so this is research. Right???
My daughter, Jennifer, and Max, me, and Tanner
My daughter, Jennifer, and Max, me, and Tanner
We had to take a lot of pictures of both her dogs and Mike and Jenn and my dogs and Jenn and me. They were all moving, or we were moving to hold onto them.
My birds are back. The puppies are the best. I had a lovely Christmas with family, and it's time to begin the new year with lots and lots more books to write and share with you.

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