A Sense of Duty

I hope this lovely winter season finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying family and friends. I'm trying to finish a major project at work, which A) cuts into my writing time (boo!) and B) cuts into my holiday festivity time. This doesn't make me happy, but I think we'll be done by Friday, so the next week should be all clear. All clear to just veg and relax, as the holiday shopping is done for this year.


So, I'm going to find a cozy spot and pick up a favorite book, one I've ready many times, and just enjoy some much needed one-on-one with a favorite author.

On that note, if you're looking for a short romance to fill your reading time, A Sense of Duty is available at Amazon, and its Christmas theme might just hit the spot. Why not join Rick on his journey to capture Heidi's heart, even though she doesn't realize it's him under his Santa disguise?

Happy Reading!

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