Having a Routine...The Puppy is SUPPOSED to Be Sleeping...

Hey, just because I can’t sleep, doesn’t mean that the puppy shouldn’t. I just had too much to do, so I was up at 4 am this morning, HOPING Max would sleep. No such luck. He was like it was our regular time to wake up between 5-6:30, depending on how late I worked the night before.
So we had to go out, and we had to eat and we had to play and I was trying to get some of the million and one things done, like get the bear ready to ship, and a Christmas card ready and bills paid, and Max is happily getting into mischief. Of course. :)  I can’t say what he grabbed hold of this morning and was tearing through the house with until I caught him.  He was having a fine time of it. I couldn’t help laughing. Which only encourages the little devil.
Amethyst Nana Bear is done!
Amethyst Nana Bear is done!
Max and my desk chair
Max and my desk chair
So I usually sit down first thing to work on blogs and emails and such and stop to play with Max often until he tuckers out. But I REALLY had things to do. So I wasn’t doing anything the way I was supposed to. He jumped onto my desk chair and looked at me. I was supposed to be sitting right there. I was getting a bunch of stuff ready for the post office. After I did that, I sat down, and he was in my lap to sleep.

Many years ago before kids, I was required to go to a military wives’ luncheon. I as on Active Duty at the time, had no husband or kids, no pets at the time, either, but had them growing up. So when a woman asked if I had kids, I wisely said, “No.”  I didn’t mention no husband either, which I would have to have to be a military wife. *sigh*

Everyone was talking about their kids and I said something about puppies being just like them. Hey, I babysat kids and babies when I was a teen, so it wasn’t that I didn’t know about kids. And I’d help raise a number of puppies, toy poodles, Afghan Hound, and a silky terrier. And guess what? They’re just like little kids.

When I was substitute teaching in the kindergarten classes, they were so used to doing everything in a certain way. Not my way, of course, but the teacher’s way.

The kids had a routine they felt comfortable with. So do puppies. And you know what? So do we as grownups.

With Max’s coming home with me, talk about my routine being out of whack. But we’re beginning to settle down into somewhat of a routine and that makes us both happy. When Tanner comes home, he’ll have to learn our routine too, and then he’ll be confused when I don’t stick with it. But, hey, I’m only human.

And we had a breakthrough! Max laid down when I gave him the word command. Woohoo! Now he circles and begs.

Do you have a routine? How do you feel when it’s  out of whack?

Have a great Saturday!!!

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