Excerpt Playing for Real

I'm traveling for the next three weeks, getting out of the cold and visiting friends and family. I'm looking forward to enjoying some warm weather for the first time since last October. So today I'm sharing an excerpt from my most recent release, Playing for Real.

Julianne was more than a little scared at how fast she’d submitted to Paolo. How fast she gave over her body to him. How much she loved it. How desperately she wanted more. As frightening as it was, something soul-deep told her it was right.

But a voice in the back of her mind screamed out a warning. She couldn’t let this go on too long, couldn’t let herself get used to his control over her.

Or get used to him taking care of her.

She would always take care of herself. Julianne had made that vow years ago when she saw how lost her mother had been when Julianne’s father walked out on them. Her mother had no backbone and no skills to make it on her own. Julianne made sure she’d been able to take care of herself from an early age. She might agree to being a sexual submissive, but she’d never allow anyone else to have a say over the rest of her life.

After Paolo left, she wandered into her bedroom. She wished she could call Stacey and talk things out with her, but for all the time they’d spent together, they’d never talked about sex. Julianne could never tell her that Paolo gave her an orgasm while she was sprawled across his lap. Or that he’d tied her up with ropes. Bound her with chains. She’d never admit to anyone she wanted more of that. More bondage. More sex. Yes, more submitting to his dominance.

How could she ever make this work?

She kicked off her shoes and carried them into her closet to place them back in their shoe box. Julianne stared at the rows of boxes she’d arranged to keep things neat and tidy in the small space. To keep things where they belonged, so they didn’t interfere with the other stuff and make a mess.

And she knew she had her answer.

She could have it both ways. She could give up control to Paolo sexually and still keep the rest of her life her own. All she had to do was keep her time with him tucked in a neat little box, completely separate from her real life.

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