Looking for a Miracle

When it comes to the black moment between the hero and heroine, it feels like it will take a miracle to get them back together--at least to the characters. As readers, its funny how simple we think it should be. Why? Because we are privy to both character's POV.

I know I've read a book and I rolled my eyes at the heroine because I don't understand how she can't see the obvious. Seriously. Smack her upside the head. Here's the thing though. She has no flipping clue what is going on inside the hero's head like the reader does. All she has is what she's been told. Now he can do things that confuse the crap out of her, but still, she can't read minds like the reader can.

I know for me I tend to give heroes more leeway than the heroines. I don't why, but I do. Maybe it is because I think the heroine should be able to read his mind. That's unfair, isn't it? 

For example, let's say that the heroine gets to work and there is a cup of coco on her desk. Now even though the coco symbolizes their relationship as they left it, she also knows how things were left and she would need a miracle for him to come around. So the coco confuses her. She wants desperately to believe in him, to believe they have a chance, but she's wanting nothing less than working toward a deeper love and that wasn't what he wanted. So the doubts start. This symbol becomes nothing more than a mindf*ck for her. Did it mean anything? Had he even left it? Was a co-worker just being nice and had no idea what that cup meant?

As the reader, we're now screaming at her because we know the truth. This is where the reader starts getting frustrated with the heroine and wants to smack her. However, put yourself in her shoes for one moment. Forget what you've read in the hero's POV. And remember only what she has been told by him. I don't think its too far of a stretch for her to wonder if she is looking for that miracle and to be hesitant.

Why do I bring this up? Mostly because I realized I was being unfair to heroines when I was reading. Not so much when I'm writing because I am dealing with reactions more and getting them down. But when I'm reading, I'm just in the story and I do have moments where I get frustrated with a heroine who can't see what the hero's actions mean.

Well...here's the thing. Before...I wasn't dealing with the opposite sex. Now I am. I get that lost, flailing feeling a lot more than I ever have. It's confusing because I can't read minds. So because of this I do plan to give the heroines more slack than I have in the past, lol.


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