Just turned in my last contracted book...now what?

Two weeks ago, I turned in Winning Love to my editor. Since then, I've had a heck of a time getting motivated to work on something new. I feel a bit scattered. For the last year and a half, my writing schedule has been planned for me. I had two three-book contracts I had to finish. With completing Winning Love, I just handed in my last contracted obligation. (No, this doesn't include the editing that is going to follow, but I need to get busy on something new).

Its a weird feeling to not have anything contracted to work on and I feel just a little bit lost. I have all these projects in my head. I do plan to extend the Love to the Extreme series out with at least two more books. I have an NA I need to work on. I have a WIP I started years ago that keeps poking at me that I would like to dig back out and finish. I have a self-pubbed book up under an old pen name that isn't doing well, that I'd like to take down, revamp and put under Abby Niles. But I can't seem to focus on one thing. It's like I sit down and I freeze. I believe its probably because for over year I've known what is priority. When I didn't have edits, I was writing the next book that due. When edits came in, the book was put aside and edits was priority. It was easy. I had deadlines to meet.

Right now, I don't. I'm finding it hard to work without the pressure of deadlines--without structure.

So, for those of you not under contractual obligations, I'm needing some advice on how to structure my writing now that its more for me and not a publisher's schedule. How do you decide what is priority? How do you plan out your writing day? Do you work on one thing at a time? Do you send out proposals? I'm so confused on this part of it and I can't be since I'm officially a full-time author and this is now my bread and butter. So I need to get this under control. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Vonda Sinclair said...

Way to go on completing those, Abby! You've been working really hard. Maybe you need a short break. I love working with no deadlines but my own. I don't do well with stress and pressure so I'm happy with the way I work. I write one book at a time. I'm not much of a multi-tasker (wish I was.) I do better focusing on one story at a time. Find what works best for you and go for it. If you need a deadline, you can create your own or find someone to hold you accountable.