Busy, Busy, Busy

This time next week, my hubby and I will be on our way south, escaping the cold and snow that has been a constant here in western NY state for months now. We're planning to spend the rest of March visiting family and friends and spending our anniversary at the beach.

I may even get a little writing done while I soak up the sun.

In the next week, I have to pull all my warm weather clothes out of the tote they got stored in last fall. Check and make sure they still fit (I may have gained a few pounds while hibernating this winter) Make sure they are in good repair. Pull out my sandals. Yes!! I hate socks and shoes. Can't wait to get back in my sandals.

Get the house ready for us to leave. We'll ask the kids to check on it every so often in the next few weeks. We've never had water pipes burst or a furnace that wouldn't kick off, but we've heard enough stories to make sure those things get checked while we're gone.

Then I need to make sure all the bills are paid. The mail held. The car is checked out. The maps are found. Hotel confirmations printed out.

And then I have a manuscript (book #1 in a brand new series)I'm getting ready to go to an editor. So sometime this week, I really want to read over it one more time.

And finally, I'm getting my newsletter ready to go out in the next couple days. SO if you haven't signed up for my mailing list, you still have time before it goes out. You can sign up here.

So as I sit here in my office with my feet freezing and the snow coming down, I'm looking forward to our trip to the warmer weather, the people we're going to see, and the relaxing time at the beach. I'll be sharing pictures along the way. If I miss a Monday here or there, it will be because the internet access may not be as great as I hope. But if that's the case, I'll share when we get back.

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