When you see the word "apple," what does it bring to mind?

A. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter
B. Orchards of tall trees bearing shiny fruit.
C. That story about the Garden of Eden
D. My IPhone crisis

Your answer might be A, B, or C. Mine is definitely D. All in all, I'd say I spent 24 hours last Saturday freaking out about my IPhone and it's sudden ill-timed decision to lose photos and videos. Typically my phone is fine. It does what I need it to do and gives me few problems that can't be resolved by turning it off and on. However, Saturday, this was not the case.

No, Saturday I pick up my phone and suddenly where there were 100 photos, there were 14. Where there were 17 videos, there were 2. Where there was my sanity, there was a burning smell as my synapses misfired and my brain juices boiled out my ears in stunned dismay.

My DH and I had been to the wedding of a dear friend earlier in the day. She is a lovely soul, a very loving and kind person, and without much money for the nuptials. The reception was actually a carry-in type affair, not catered, and there was no money for a professional wedding photographer or videographer, so the family was taking all the video/pictures. I had asked her if I could get some video and photos and she was very happy to let me, knowing I'm a creative type. Also, her dad had kind of asked me to take some pictures and video because he wanted to make sure if his didn't turn out, then they'd still have something from the wedding and reception (a bit of foreshadowing here).

I really wanted to present her with a DVD of memories and pictures of her special day, and because I knew everyone there, I got some great stuff, which anyone who's taking pictures knows can be a hit/miss proposition. I used my camera most of the time, but it's been acting up and doesn't do video, so I got some cool stuff on my IPhone. My DH and I were thrilled that we'd have something special to give her, but then...


I get home after the reception and not but two hours later go to get the pictures and videos off my phone. I tap the photos app and to my horror, I find 20 pictures. Twenty pictures of everything but the wedding. No, wait. There was one of the wedding. One. And there was a picture of a blanket my cousin kintted, a picture of my cat, a picture of a chair I wanted to show my husband--all taken before the wedding--and various other stuff that I can't remember now because I panicked.

Immediately, I try turning it off and on. No luck. I do the next thing everyone does: get on the Internet. I spent hours searching forums and websites and everything I could think of, but no one had a solution that seemed to go with my problem. The worst thing was I couldn't tell if the pictures and photos were backed up or not, so restoring from a backup could wipe everything and restore nothing I needed. The big problem was that my statistics on my phone were showing my stuff was there, but I couldn't see them or get to them. I alternated between frustrated, ticked off, and desolate that I'd let my friend down on her special day.

So I ended up doing what I swore I would never do. I called Apple. I hate calling corporate tech support because it always costs in time and money and stress. If it had just been my random pictures, I would have said good-bye without issue. But it wasn't, so I dialed the number and hoped for the best.

I know many people complain online about tech support from the big tech corporations; however, that guy at Apple, in short, saved the day. Yes, it did cost about $20, but my pictures came back from Bora Bora, or wherever the hell they were, and my videos did, too, although they were upside down. That's my fault because I never can figure out how to use video feature right, but since my DH loves playing with video, he fixes it for me. The Apple guy was patient, professional, and a problem-solver, and thanks to him for helping me be able to give the priceless gift of special memories to my friend.

So my Apple crisis ended up happily ever after. I am in the process of compiling everything to create a memory DVD for the newlyweds. As I look at the pictures and video, I'm so glad I got to be a part of their special day and maybe help capture it for them to watch on their 50th wedding anniversary.
I hope you are having a special day, too. Happy reading!

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