What a book!

We've all read heroines that scream TSTL, right? Certainly, none of us ever want to be accused of writing one! But what is it that makes a heroine memorable...in a good way?

Well, I recently finished Christine Feehan's "Hidden Currents". The last of the Drake Sisters series. What a fantastic read. Now THIS was an emotional ride! The first five chapters or so I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down. The rest of the book had me either laughing or in tears. The ending was beautiful. It was the best romance book I've read in a very long time. Elle was smart, strong, tortured, vulnerable, the works. There were depths to her character that brought her off the page and into my heart. Jackson was her equal in every way. Brave, proud, sweet, sensitive, lovable, tender, powerful, aggressive, and of course, delicious. Um, I think I'm in love. LOL

Christine Feehan always writes with emotion, but this book is by far the best I've read from her. The thing is, as writers we cannot turn our brains off long enough to enjoy a good book! We tend to analyze each word. We pick the story apart. I sometimes miss the days before I started writing because I used to sit down with a book and just enjoy it. These days I make notes. LOL

At any rate, this particular book will stay with me for a long long time. I love reading something THAT good. I know half the reason I loved the book so much is because Elle Drake was such a terrific heroine. What she endures is heart wrenching. If you haven't read it yet, my advice is to have a box of tissues handy. LOL

Is there a heroine that stuck with you? If you're an author did YOU create a heroine that just really rocked yours socks?


Cameo Brown said...

Love this post! Got me thinking about my heroines and those I connect with most in other books. Thanks, Anne!

Estefanie said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. My favorite heroines are Mercy Thompson from author Patricia Briggs and Merry Gentry from author Laurell K Hamilton. These two female characters are amazing with all the trials they've gone throuh. I haven't had the chance to read Hidden Currents yet but hopefully soon I can get a copy to read.



Carol Ericson said...

Don't know if I have a favorite heroine. I like them to be tough and witty, not too sappy. But I don't like it when heroines are tooo smart ass or tooo spunky or tooo perfect. Sometimes heroines can get really annoying. LOL

Nicole North said...

Sounds like a great read! Heroines that stick in my head are a bit unusual, odd or flawed in some way and also strong and tough. Perhaps they come from bad situations and rise above it all.