Go RVing

Growing up, we always took camping trips as a family. We started renting a cabin for a week at Allegheny State Park everning summer. Then my parents bought a pop-up trailer - for seven of us! Eventually, they got a larger trailer, but with five kids, it was always crowded and noisy. And while we did get to visit places that we never could have otherwise - when I grew up and moved away, I swore I'd never go camping again.

Um...yeah...this is a picture of our latest trailer at a campground we like to visit in southern Pennsylvania.

We started in a tent. With two children, the four of us weren't as crowded as my family was when I was growing up. But of course, any two children in a confined area are going to find something to complain about :) We graduated to a pop-up trailer, like my parents did, took a trip to Wyoming in that sucker. Saw Mount Rushmore and Sturgis, South Dakota during Bike Week! We went to Georgia and Michigan and other places we never would have gone otherwise. And while they were bored a lot of the time, they loved the campfires and sight-seeing and s'mores and time together with the family, even if they didn't always want to admit it.

As our kids got older, they didn't go on as many trips with us. Summer jobs and college and other activities took higher priority. Just as they did for me. I understand. We've since gotten our second travel trailer and camping is nothing like it was when I was growing up. We have a shower in our trailer. Satellite TV. Internet access, if I'm lucky.

My husband and I still travel together. I've learned to be a pretty good navigator. And I can write on the road as easily as at home. In fact, I wrote more than half of my Secrets 24 novella, Bad to the Bone, while we camped a week in Bedford, Pennsylvania. We still enjoy each other's company and a good campfire. We travel around the eastern half of the US and are looking forward to eventually being able to take more time to visit the other half of the country.

Oh, and you know how I know my kids enjoyed their camping trips with the family, even if they didn't say so at the time? My daughter and her husband have been talking about getting an RV someday. Funny how that works out. :)



Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

OMG, Natasha, I think we've lived parallel lives. Seriously. We did a different kind of camping during my childhood, but DH & I also went from tent to popup to RV. Unfortunately, we sold the RV before moving to Hawaii, and I miss spending a long weekend in the great outdoors.

I'm green with envy!

Carly Carson said...

Great memories, Natasha. My immediate family never camped, but I used to travel in the summertime with extended family. We'd usually go in a little caravan with maybe 2 RV's and 3 cars. Anyone available could go and if there weren't enough beds, the boys would sleep in the cars. There is nothing more peaceful than waking up at dawn at a beautiful campsite on a lake.


Cameo Brown said...

My aunt and uncle were avid RVers until his death a few years back. They lived in the RV part of the year and came home for the rest. I always thought it would be cool to have a house on wheels! :)

Natasha Moore said...

I don't know, Carol. I'm pretty green with envy about living in Hawaii! lol

Carly, our camping trips definitely made some great memories.

Hi Cameo. My parents sold their house and full-time RVed for years.

Carol Ericson said...

Natasha, I've never camped in an RV before! When I was kid and went camping with my family, we pitched a tent. My husband hates to camp, so we've never been camping as a family. Sounds like your kids have some great memories.

Nicole North said...

I'd love to go RVing but we don't have one. I'd love to travel a lot more, for sure. My husband always wants me to camp with him but I'm terrified of the black bears (which we have a lot of around here!) Plus the bed is never comfortable in a tent and I can't get any sleep. I'd definitely feel a lot safer in a RV.