Today is Jan. 18th. What does that mean?

I’m so sorry this is late! I just realized I needed to blog. Got a kid sick with the flu. UGH! Anyway, I’ve finally got a few minutes to sit down and check my email and was like “Oh crap!”

Anyway, today is a big day! Why??

Karen Marie Moning’s last book of the Fever series came out today. Shadowfever! Can you tell I am excited?

Unfortunately, I can’t sit down and read it for a few more days, which royally sucks, but I have so much catching up to do from my town being shut down for fives days because of snow and ice. (Yes, you read that correctly. Five. Days. With. Six. Kids.) Plus the crud has run rampant through the house. Stuff like this seems to always happen when I’m days away from finishing a project.

Anyway, back to Shadowfever. It’s been a long wait and if Mrs. Moning can do one thing it’s leave her readers are a major cliffhanger. Do you know how long a year is to wait for answers? It’s a long dang wait, lol.

So anyone with me? Anyone already started or, heck, finished?? (No spoilers, please:)



Nicole North said...

I loved Moning's earlier books but I avoided starting the series you mention for that very reason! I knew there would be a long wait between books and that drives me crazy. So I decided to wait til they were all out, or at least most of them.

Nicole North said...

PS I hope your kid recovers quickly and you stay well!