5 Cups for Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies

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ISBN # 978-1-60310-124-0
July 2010
Red Sage Publishing
305 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sweet Talking the Opposition

Eliza is a celebrity reporter expanding her skills when she signs up to write about Rhine cruises. It is there she sees Marcus, the one who loved and left her.

Marcus is covering the Rhine tour as a favor, but when he sees Eliza, all he wants is another chance with her. The couple may have a chance on the romantic tour, but this time Eliza is making sure she does not get hurt.

This was such a great “second chance” story. I could understand Marcus’s reasons and Eliza’s worry. The sex is exceptional but the romance is always in the forefront. The background adds to the sensuality of the story.

Ms Walker is a genius as bringing the caring into carnal and her use of dialogue to show emotions is nearly perfect.


Mayor Selene Delian is about to announce her planet’s readiness for independence. With numerous forces acting against her, she trusts her guard Agent Corinth to protect her.

Corinth loves Selene, but unknown to him, he has an implant that turned him into a sleeper agent programmed to attack Selene when given the command.
Treachery and treason surround the couple but will Corinth’s love be strong enough to save Selene.

Chimera is an interesting futuristic political sci-fi. The plot is so intriguing that the super-hot and madly enjoyable sex was a secondary aspect of the story. The characters are well developed, the action convincing and the dialogue worked well.

As a lover of politics, getting to read Ms Gray’s sexy thriller was exceptionally wonderful and her thoroughly outlined story was a page-turner from the very beginning.


Catalina has left everything, including the Department of International Intelligence, to find her father, who killed her mother years ago. She misses her old life, including her ex Noah, but nothing will stop her.

Noah knows Catalina will fight him when he accepts the assignment to bring her back. When the two realize more is at stake than finding her father, they work together. As a team, they can face anything, including the cold hard truths that will shake them to their core.

Edge is a very busy and touching story. The action is face-paced with numerous villains. It is a really adventure filled story that is touching in the way it shows how important love and trust are in the world.

Ms Sinclair is a romantic adventure writer that is setting the standard. Her characters are as compelling as her storylines.

Beast in a Kilt

Lady Catriona has loved Torr for years. Now that she has been bartered off to a hideous chieftain, Catriona knows it is time for Torr to save her and find her missing brother, Brodie.

Torr has been cursed but will protect Cat from the danger he has become. The soon realize their love is binding them as much as the witch’s curse is cursing Torr and Brodie.

How can one not love a cursed hottie in a kilt? This is a spine tingling story that has a wonderful romance within. The paranormal abounds as does noble politics. Of course the sex is thrilling as is the plot.

I love Ms North’s work, and it helped knowing her previous Secret story, Devil in a Kilt, but was not completely necessary.

The record of fantastic sensual romantic books in the Secrets series continues. There is not a book I did not enjoy, and each is good on its own. More than just the sex, which is wonderful by the way, the storylines are well developed. This book has everything a romance readers needs and more. All I need now is more room on my bookshelf.

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