Blinking Less, Believing More

First breath. First words and steps. First kiss. First time of losing the heart and confessing love. These are all milestones in life. Accomplishments and events all based on growth of the body, mind and emotions. Sure, we all falter and sometimes fall on our faces, literally and figuratively, while focusing on goals and filling the days, hours and minutes with precious moments. But moving forward and refusing defeat of any sort is what ultimately makes a winner--a person who's trampled past defeat and fallen into step with the promise held by the future.

While pondering my goals for 2011, I recalled the following video from Kenny Chesney for DON'T BLINK. Both moving and motivational in words and visual content, this Country hit convinced me there's no time like the present to keep my eyes open wide for opportunity and embrace every possible living moment.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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