More of My Favorite Things

A few months back I posted about a few of my favorite things. I said then that I could keep going with my list, but would save a few for next time. Well, here's next time!

Let's see... Where to start...

My Kindle. Love, love, love this device. Anywhere I go, I have an entire library in my hands. I love how I can download new books with just a few simple clicks. I love it so much that when my husband asked to borrow it for a 2 week out of town business trip, my immediate response was, "Um, I don't think so, dear." The funny thing was that he seemed really shocked by my answer!

Sullivan's Steakhouse. If we're friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I love going to this restaurant. There are several locations across the country. If you're close to one -- GO! Stop in the bar and order a Knockout Martini. I promise, you won't regret it.

My new Embrace Sculpture. Thanks to author friend Laurann Dohner who turned me on to this sculpture. It arrived just a few days after I placed the order and is now waiting to be placed in its permanent home -- on my new desk in my new office. Talk about writing inspiration!

And my most favorite thing so far this (new) year:

This lovely woman in the picture next to me! That's Mari Freeman, my writing sprint partner (we're all dolled up for the 20's party at last year's RomantiCon). I can't tell you how much she's helped me this year. She's kept me on track with the sprints (which has upped my focus so much!), helped me tremendously with CSI information for my new book, and has been a really great friend. Hugs and kisses to you Mari! What time are we sprinting today??

Of course, I still have more favorite things I can share, but I'll hold those back for yet another post. See you all next week!



Mari Freeman said...


Now, Baby. Let's get to it. *cracks the wip*

I want me some Sullivan's! Maybe there'll be one close to the Lori Foster event and we can go have a martini!
I <3 you too!


Kristin Daniels said...

Ouch! That whip stings! LOL. And Boooo, no Sullivan's in Ohio at all. Maybe I can talk them into giving me the Knockout recipe and we can make our own in the hotel room :)

Samantha Kane said...

No one does sprints with me. *sigh* And I need a martini. Like, right now, at noon. But instead I'm going to go pick up my 4 yr. old at preschool sober. I don't like anything right now. Well, except for you and Mari. But that's it.

Kristin Daniels said...

Sam, we'll sprint with you!!! Anytime, anywhere, baby. We could even have that martini beforehand, if you like :)