Time and Love -- Hang on to Your Hopes

One of the most prolific duos in Pop music sang of hanging on to your hopes. Time passes. Scenery changes. But Simon and Garfunkel warned one must hold on to hope and keep the faith, no matter how bleak the situation. When it comes to love--real life or a fictional romance that unfolds between a book's covers--many precious relationships wouldn't have had a chance to stand the test of time if the couple involved hadn't taken a leap in the name of love.

One of my favorite themes to read or write involves a reunion. A rekindling of passion. The confession of a childhood crush that's matured and found roots in all the possibilities romance has to offer. A moment when time takes a deep breath and awaits the first embrace along the path to a pair's forever. The passage of time may have changed the hero's and heroine's physical appearance, but the feelings held in their hearts have grown stronger with each turn of a calendar page.

Kimberly Taylor and Jack Dodson have lost track of each other since the first pangs of teenage passion held them willing prisoners. Now they are on a collision course set by Cupid. A course the proves true love doesn't fade over time.

Time is bent on being their enemy in ROUGHRIDER, but they refuse to lose track of it or each other ever again.

Here's a video bit from my Erotica romantic suspense from Ellora's Cave Exotika:

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