Exploring Scotland

Today I want to share more pictures of Scotland. Instead of focusing on one specific, famous historical site, I wanted to share various views that I thought were interesting or beautiful but that are not as well known. These pictures are mostly from the Isle of Skye, Dornie and just south of Dornie areas.

One of those infamous one lane (or single track) roads on Isle of Skye. The sheep claim this one as their own little trail.
I don't know why, but I love this photo of Highland cows, with a house in the background. It seems very peaceful to me. Yet, it was only seconds after this that the farmer's dogs chased us back to the car.

A view of the Skye shore with cottages. What a lovely sunny day this was.

What a cute black-faced sheep making his home in Fairy Glen. He was very friendly. The black-faced sheep is the original type raised on Isle of Skye and in the Highlands.

Another view of the shore line of Skye, cliffs and cottages. What must it be like to live there?

This is one (above) I forgot to show you before. It's a view from Dunvegan castle. I believe this is a holiday cottage anyone can rent. (Me! Me!) MacLeod's Tables are in the background. I love the blue and green colors and the contrasting black of the tree limbs, etc.

I don't know the name of this spot on Isle of Skye but it is at the pull-off for the waterfall. Anyone know this location?

A distant view of the Skye Bridge. I love the mountains in the background, and the water in the foreground.

This is Dornie, a small beautiful, quiet village next to Eilean Donan Castle.

Even when I'm riding in a car (not driving, of course) I'm snapping lots of pics.

Hope you enjoyed this wee tour of some of the not so well known sites of Scotland. :)

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