Exciting with an E!

What more appropriate topic for the week when I start a new adventure than excitement?


I've been contemplating trying to sell some stories on Amazon Kindle for a long time, and I've finally done it. It was hard, hard work, but it's been worth it and quite a learning experience for me. I'm sure there are mistakes in it, but right now I'm just basking in the glow of having tried something new.


Like most writers, I have a body of work I haven't sold, for one reason or another, that I keep filed away for a rainy day. I love to take out these stories and tweak them, but if they don't fit any publisher's needs, what's a girl writer to do?

Publish them herself!

The result of one such effort is Music Box: Lesbian Erotica, which is comprised of two short stories--each with some kind of music connection--celebrating lesbian love and the wonderful difficulties of finding the woman of your dreams. In The Dance Lesson, Tammy's bad habits and bad taste in bed partners is challenged when her friend Mil drags her to a salsa lesson offered by a world-renowned dance instructor. He's a psychotic little tyrant, but the one saving grace is his assistant, the gorgeous Anna, whose shy innocence captivates Tammy and, if she survives The Dance Lesson, will change her luck in love for the better.

In The Finest Lick, Lea is obsessed with the idea of having oral sex with a woman but figures her fantasy will never come true. She starts dating Dag Werner, a 1980s pop star and comeback artist, and is on the road to marital bliss when he insists she meet his daughter, Dagny. The beautiful gallery owner awakens in Lea a desire that resurrects her dead daydream, and Lea must decide what she truly wants for herself--one night with the woman of her dreams or a lifetime of wondering what it would have been like.

Thanks for sharing my excitement! Until next week...


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