Inveraray Castle, Argyll, Scotland

After about an hour or two drive from Glasgow, through Rest and Be Thankful, we arrived in Inveraray, a beautiful small town. Nearby is Inveraray Castle, home to the Dukes of Argyll, chiefs of Clan Campbell.

They have some beautiful black Highland cattle.

We enjoyed a tour of the castle's extensive interior. No photos were allowed inside, but there was plenty outside to photograph. The azaleas were in full bloom.
Wow look how blue the sky is! When the sun does come out in Scotland, the colors are so vivid.

The original castle on this spot had been here since the 1400s. At the time, the village was a collection of cottages very close to the castle. The third duke had the old castle demolished. The current Inveraray Castle dates back to 1744. This castle isn't a true castle in the traditional sense (used for defense), but a Georgian mansion house in a Gothic style. It took about 40 years to complete.  After a fire in 1877, a third floor was added along with the conical roofs on the corner towers.

 I love these beautiful old trees covered in moss.
The old village of Inveraray, which was very close to the castle, was moved a short distance away. The fifth Duke of Argyll had the town constructed on it's present site beginning in 1770. This is one of the best examples of an eighteenth century town in Scotland and most of the buildings are protected because of their architectural significance. This is one of the prettiest towns I've seen.
 Dun na Cuaiche sits on a hilltop far above the castle, near the site of an Iron Age fort.

 Millions of bluebells grow on the castle grounds. They even have a Bluebell Festival here at the castle in May and children dress up like fairies.
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The gardens were incredibly beautiful and large. We had a nice long stroll through them.

To learn more about the castle, especially the interior, click here for the ground floor. After you view that, there's a menu to the side where you can select the other floors.

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Mary Morgan said...

As always, lovely post, Vonda! Your posts and pictures of Scotland would make a great travel book. :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Mary!! I'm glad you like them!! :)

Leigh Court said...

LOVE your Scottish travelogues, Vonda! Makes me feel like I'm there :)


BBT said...

Beautiful photos of Inveraray Castle. I plan to visit the castle on my Scotland trip this summer.

Terry Spear said...

Love them, Vonda! :)

Linda McLaughlin said...

Gorgeous photos, Vonda. I've always wanted to visit Scotland. Maybe some day.

Unknown said...

I remember Invararay, Vonda, and have very fond memories of it. Those are some beautiful photos - and yes, Scotland is utterly gorgeous when the sun shines!