Disco Diva

I've been feeling very Disco lately, and I don't know why. It just sort of comes on, kind of a wave of  nostalgia for the "good old days," which, to my recollection, I never took part in. I don't remember hanging out at Studio 54, streaking, or engaging in a variety of semi-legal activities with inebriated celebrities like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. If memory serves, I spent most of the 70s reading trashy romance novels by the light of my vintage lava lamp, taking care of my pet rocks, Ringo and Brett, playing Simon until I could hear beeping noises even when the game was turned off (kind of like cell phones), and trying to arrange mysterious "accidents" for my Rubic's Cube, which I could never solve and still can't.

I'm one of those annoying people who surfs radio stations while driving, going from station to station until I find something I want to hear. Usually, when I get to a 70s Disco song, I listen to a little of it, think it's nice or that it sucks terribly, and push the button (a learned skill from playing Simon all those years ago) to move on and not think anything of it. In the last month, though, if this happens, the result is very different. Sometimes I think, "OMG! This is the most amazing Donna Summer song EVER!" even though I've heard it two thousand times before. Or a Saturday Night Fever song will come on and I will think, "Oh yeah, sing it, Barry! Sing it Maurice and Robin! Go, baby, go!" Once an ABBA hit came on and I burst into tears because it reminded me of my shiny purple Disco hoodie. I even do the head bop thing to the song's beat like Wayne and Garth on Wayne's World. Once I rolled my car window down and drove along singing I Will Survive so loudly other drivers stopped and let me pass without incident, as if there was going to be one. It wasn't all a negative response, though. An elderly woman rocking some rainbow suspenders, gold lame pants, and groovy white boots gave me a thumbs up at a 4-way stop.

Is Disco making a comeback that I don't know about? I know that I hear lots of songs on the radio based on songs from other decades, but are there that many from the Disco era that are subliminally invaded my consciousness? Or is this just another side effect of that wonderful change of life we women all go through? If so, do I have to suffer through falling in love with songs from every decade of my existence all over again? I guess it beats hot flashes. 

I'm actually sort of enjoying my little crush on Disco because it does bring back some nice memories. What about you? What decade, if any, are you crushing on right now? If it's the Disco era, too, maybe we need to alert Area 51, as this could mean roller-boogie lovin' aliens from a distant galaxy far, far away are grooving along among us, feeding us Disco songs as a form of mind control. If we're not careful, we could all end up doing the Hustle or the Bus Stop when we should be filing account invoices.

On second thought, that might not be so bad. :)

Happy Discoing, er, Reading!

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