Finding the Right Spot

No, I'm not talking about THAT spot, although that is important. :) I'm talking about the spot on these ads that keep popping up and taking over my browser. It's infuriating!

I remember in the old days of the Web that pop-ups, the ones that showed up outside of your browser, were a common nuisance. These ads would sometimes fill up the screen to the point of not being able to do anything. The human user couldn't click fast enough to make them go away. However, anti-virus programs evolved to get rid of browser-independent pop-ups, and so the only ads Web users had to worry about were those that appeared when we landed on a website or those we accidentally pointed to with our mouse. Those are the ones driving me a little nuts right now.

Lately, it seems like it's a lot easier to accidentally point to these ads. It's almost as if they know where our pointer will be when the site comes up. Also, I've noticed the minute I land on certain sites that part of screen, the part I want to see, will fall away and an ad will appear. Or something will whoosh across the screen, and the next thing I know there are people ice skating next to a convertible or some other surreal scene I can't turn off.

Why? Why can't I make the ads go away? Because the ad people are getting craftier about hiding the word Close or the X, so I have to struggle to find the right spot, the one that will make the ad disappear so I can continue looking at pictures of kittens climbing curtains in little pink tutus.

What about you? What about the Web currently irritates you? Please do share in the comments section.

Happy Reading!

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