Meet My New Love...

I've always been a cat person, but I've had this love for pugs since I watched Men in Black years ago. Since then, I have always said if I ever get a dog its going to be a pug. When I moved into my new place with my kids, I seriously started to consider it. But, let me tell you, finding a pug is not easy. At least around here. Finding one that is reasonably priced is even harder.

Patience was key. Months of saying I really want a pug then being disappointed in not being able to find one. Last week I finally found an ad for the cutest Pug puppies ever and they were within my price range. I got very lucky. This was a couple who does not breed their dogs, but an oops happened and resulted in a pregnancy. That oops gave me my little pugs. I get to bring him home at the end of this month. He is four weeks old in the pictures below. (On a side note, I decided to get two. I'm also bringing one of his sisters home with me. That way both my kids have their own dog). Now I need to come up with some seriously kickass names. I'd love some ideas because I am drawing a blank.

Aren't they the cutiest creatures ever?!?!
I'm so excited about having them around the house.
So dog-lovers any tips I need when I bring these little bundles home? If you have a pug, I would especially love some tips. They are already working on potty training, which I am grateful for. I haven't potty training in eight years, lol.

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Angela Hood-Ross said...

Awww...they are adorable.