Purple Flower Day!!

purple flowers (640x582)
These are from my birthday flowers, so not exactly wildflowers, but most of the rest are!
mushroom fly wildflower (640x492)
These are so tiny, barely noticeable when I took the picture of the mushroom.
beautiful purple flower (640x626)
Not sure on this one. Tried to locate a picture like it, but couldn’t find one.
blurry purple flowers (640x427)
Not sure on these either.
Iris open
My garden iris.
IMG_5676 (640x427)
Mountain Laurel
IMG_5684 (640x427)
not sure on this one
flower weeds 007 (640x427)
Dead Nettle
Shasta daisies 005 (800x676)
5 more purple flowers (640x529)
purple flowers (640x533)
Horsemint, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!
more purple flower (640x589)
Wild petunia
houston wildflowers 007 (640x427)
Clover flowers
periwinkle (640x427)
desert willow flower (640x433)
Desert Willow
bluebonnets wildflower by airport
bluebonnets at the airport
I probably have more, but here is a selection of pretty purple flowers.
And that is my purple flower day.
Don’t you love them?
Off to work on Her Highland Hero.  7,000 words to go! :)
her highland hero cover with title cursive copy
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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