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Paolo’s Playhouse. A new playground for consenting adults. Playrooms for every interest or desire. Bring your own plaything or we can provide one for you. We’ll help your fantasies come to life. Inquiries, phone…

The last story in the Paolo's Playhouse series released recently and it appears I'm feeling nostalgic this morning as I think back over the past few years. When I started brainstorming this series, I wanted to write a series anchored by a place, an exclusive sex club with private playrooms. Then I'd take couples at a crossroads and bring them to the Playhouse. I'd focus on different types of kink - bondage, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and menage - and show how an evening in a playroom, exploring their relationships, help the couples to move forward, heal wounds, and even begin to fall in love.

But in the end, it wasn't a place that anchored this series. It was a person. Paolo. And readers liked him so much that after Plaything, Paolo's story, the last in the original four short stories, they asked to see more. And so Playing for Real was born, a longer story, delving deeper into his relationship with Julianne, who he'd only just met in Plaything. I don't often re-read my stories after they're published, but I recently did with Playing for Real and I have to admit, I loved the way it turned out. And after five stories, Paolo finally got his happy ending.

All five of the Paolo's Playhouse stories are stand-alones, so if only a few appeal to you, you don't need to read the others to enjoy. But I hope you may want to lose yourself in Paolo's sexy, emotional world. So here's a quick re-cap of the five stories in Paolo's series.

Flaunt It - book #1
He’ll put her on display, if that’s what it takes to keep her…

Risk It - book #2
Time to put out…or get out.

Birthday Girl - book #3
It’s not the age. It’s the attitude—and a healthy dose of kink.

Plaything - book #4
One taste of everything she ever wanted…how can she walk away?

Playing for Real - book #5
There’s no safe word strong enough for this power play date…

Excerpt from Plaything:

“This is Paolo’s Playhouse. How may I help you?”

The warm male voice and its lyrical accent—Spanish? Italian? Greek?—nearly melted her into a puddle on her kitchen floor. She couldn’t seem to speak as she imagined a dark, exotic man at the other end of the line. One of her favorite fantasy images, strong masculine hands holding her wrists, sprang to her mind. She knew her fantasy lovers from now on would speak with this incredible voice.

“Hello? Is someone there?”

“Yes.” Her voice cracked and she had to swallow before she could speak again. “Yes, I’m here.”

“Wonderful. How may I help you?”

Her knees began to shake and she sank into the chair. “I…I saw your ad.” She swallowed again. She was an intelligent businesswoman, why could she not form a coherent sentence?

“And do you perhaps have a fantasy I could help you with?”

If he was half as sexy as his voice, he could help her with anything. She nearly let a nervous giggle slip out, but this suddenly seemed too important to joke about. “Bondage.” It was harder than she thought it would be to say it out loud.

“Ah, of course. And do you prefer the caress of the ropes or the weight of the chains?”

She shivered and rubbed the cord still hugging her wrist, pulled it tighter and felt the answering tug in her core. “Um, ropes. I think.”

There was silence on the other end of the line. What was wrong? Surely he couldn’t be shocked like her old boyfriend had been.

“What is your name?” he asked after a moment.


“I heard some hesitation in your voice. Tell me, Julianne. Have you ever been bound before?”

The words finally burst from her lips, the admission she’d not allowed herself to say for so long. “No. That’s why I’m calling. I want to know what it’s like. I think I need to know.”

“Are you certain?” he asked softly. “Do you really want to allow another person to bind your body? To take away all your control?” His voice became even softer, almost seductive in tone. “Do you want to allow him to enjoy your body in any way he desires and in return, bring you to an intense level of satisfaction you have perhaps never been able to attain before?”

As he spoke, her body pulsed with awareness. He summed up her feelings perfectly. His sensual words conjured up the desperate need that had been buried deep within her. “Yes. Exactly.” Tears sprang to her eyes. “Can you help me?”

“Of course. That is why we are here. Will you be bringing your partner with you?”

“No. I don’t have anyone.” That sounded pathetic. “I mean, I don’t have anyone I want to…you know, tie me up and take me.” There was that silence again. “Is that a problem? The ad said—”

“No, of course it is no problem. I simply want to be certain to match you with the right person.”

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.” She hadn’t really given a thought to the other half of the equation. To the person who would be tying her up. She’d been too focused on her own needs. “Of course, you have to match me up with someone who wants to…um…who wants to…”

“Who wants to tie up a willing woman,” he completed. There was a touch of amusement in his voice and Julianne had the sudden wish to see his smile. “You are in luck. There will be someone here tomorrow night who has need of a bondage toy.”

Bondage toy? She shivered.

“Can you come tomorrow night at seven?”

“Tomorrow?” So soon? But would putting it off be any better? “Yes. All right. Tomorrow.”

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