It's a Small World + New Release!

This is the 50 year anniversary of the iconic Disney ride. Who knew it was so, well, distinguished? :)

Who knew that the song is played somewhere every hour on the planet?

I know it's the ride some people love to hate, but I don't know why. I personally love that ride and I'm here to admit that once I rode it 4 times in a row!

I was pregnant, and with my 4 year old daughter. My husband and our older kid love the fast and scary rides so while they were doing their thing, I took her on It's a Small World. You get to sit down, it's nicely air-conditioned, and what's not to like? She loved it and asked if we could go again. There was no line, so we got off and got right back on.

Yup, we did it four times in a row and had a wonderful time. Each time we saw something new, and honestly, as corny as the song might be, I think it's a good message to instill in a child.

And here is my latest news: I have a new release - Duke of Devonwood! I'm so excited about this story of an American woman and what she does when she discovers that her inheritance has been left under the control of an English duke. This is a contemporary romance, not historical.

Reviewers have said:

"I loved this book, it was sassy smart, and had some naughty bits to it!" (Heather Andrews on Goodreads)

"This is the first book I have read about a Duke in modern times and I must say I really enjoyed it." (Brittany on Goodreads)


"Your little ploy isn't going to work," the duke said, his voice hoarse.

"Ploy?" Miranda fought for self-control, determined not to let him see the effect he had on her. "Maybe I think you're the hottest thing since fire was invented."|

He stared down at her, his gaze scorching her. "As it turns out, we are combustible together. Who knew?" He ran one hand through his hair, that she'd thoroughly mussed. She didn't think he was quite as calm as he was pretending to be.

"I knew." She cast about for some kind of explanation to give him. God forbid he should guess at the emotions she was battling. "Power is such an aphrodisiac," she finally said. Let him think that was what her response was about.

He barked out a short laugh. "That's blunt. Luckily, I'm well-hardened against the charming ways of women. But I'll enjoy watching your efforts."

"Why are you so angry?"

"I told you I wasn't interested. But you're continuing to push me."

The piece of paper with the budget on it crackled under her feet as she stepped back. "You sound like a virgin in a Regency novel."

He shook his head. "Learn how to accept no for an answer." Snapping his fingers at the dogs, he opened the French doors, and strode out into the garden.

Miranda proceeded more slowly out of the office wing. She should have expected that the duke, experienced at fending off wannabe brides, would not fall into her clutches like a ripe peach. She wasn't discouraged though. She'd just have to work harder, be bolder, take more risks. If she were perfectly honest with herself, she was hurt that he wasn't as affected by their kisses as she was. However, since she wasn't planning to actually have sex with him, it had to be good that he was willing to call a halt before their kisses went too far.

She could set her next trap without worrying that the situation would get out of hand.

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So tell me, how do you feel about the Disney ride, It's A Small World? Love it, tolerate it, or hate it?

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