Travel to Austria

Today we are traveling to Austria, a country of great charm and beauty. These are typical houses, especially when you go into the mountains or countryside.
This is a street in the old part of the city of Salzburg. The entire area is a pedestrian zone. The inhabitants of the city walk and ride bicycles a lot. Mozart lived in the yellow house on the left.

In the next picture, you can see the river that runs through Salzburg, and the bridge is only for pedestrians. The hotel on the riverbank is the Sacher Hotel, where we stayed. It's a wonderful hotel and I recommend it if you find yourself in Salzburg.
Here's the Palace of the Habsburg dynasty, which comes complete with a sad romantic tale. Franz Joseph was the last significant monarch (after the family ruled for hundreds of years). His only son committed suicide in 1898 in a suicide pact with his 17 year old lover. How's that for drama?

Finally, I have to show a picture of my favorite spot. The National Library in Vienna. And one of the Austrian Alps.


Nicole North said...

Wow amazing, beautiful photos, Carly!! That view of the Alps is stunning!

Anita Clenney said...

Wonderful photos!

Terry Spear said...

Wow, gorgeous photographs, Carly!!!

Carly Carson said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Most of these pictures were taken by hubby's Blackberry. I was surprised at how well they came out. (We'd left our digital someplace else, not lost exactly, but not available for the trip.)