Finally the Fantasy Becomes Reality

Every woman has an ultimate fantasy. Maybe that fantasy involves role- playing or a steamy getaway? Perhaps she's always dreamed of meeting a guy who's willing to do everything possible to make her fondest dreams and wishes become reality? Or maybe she's hoping to be swept away in mind-blowing moments of passion with a man she's secretly loved for many years--a passion that's grown stronger with each day that's passed since Dana last saw Jack.

Dana Taylor's a serious-minded businesswoman who's always put most of her energy into the Western-wear boutique she owns and operates. Free-wheeling Jack Dodson is a former rodeo champ who's tired of his glory days on the circuit and is bent on settling down and co-managing a ranch in Mesa Junction, Texas.

An excerpt from my erotica romantic suspense, ROUGHRIDER, occurs when Dana's fantasy never had a better chance at becoming reality.

“Jack’s sittin’ over there now.” He hitched a thumb toward the most delicious thing in this busy eatery. “Probably figuring how to deal with the woman you’ve become. As kids you two were tight as Harriet Lloyd’s pants.”

No sense telling Clyde that Jack was the main reason I’d come back. Clyde’s order could have been shipped but this visit-cum-vacation gave me an excuse to check out the guy of my dirtiest fantasies.

“Couldn’t stay away from Gloria’s fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits.” Wasn’t any of his business a far different appetite brought me back to Mesa Junction.

Placing his hands on his lower back, Clyde stretched. “Jack’s single. Wild as ever. Can’t say he hasn’t likely had his share of… Dated lots of women. But I’m betting you could set him straight.”

As long as I could set my childhood friend’s cock straight, that was first priority.
“You have my cell phone number. And the Mariana store’s number. Let Linc or me know if something doesn’t suit you all with the order.” And please let me get back to the late supper containing more calories than I’ve consumed in almost two days.

His arm came around my shoulders and the silver arrowhead on his bolo flashed. “Get on over there and kick some sense into Jack’s stubborn ass.” The palm slapped gently between my shoulder blades. “If he’ll listen to anyone, he’ll listen to you.”

A pivot of my feet put my both shoes in a semi-straight path with my lunch counter stool. “Nice talking with you today. Give my best to Trudy.” I peeked over my shoulder.

He walked away, stopped near the booth where Danny Noonan sat, and waved. “Sure will. Stop by if you get a chance. Ron Crawford still lives beside us. He never got over you.”

Never got over me? My feet paused over a crackling floor tile. I never even dated that nuisance who stuck cotton candy in my hair one summer at the county fair.

Suffering him for several weeks each summer was more than enough torture.

Jack disliked that mama’s boy as much as I. Sexy Jack gulped some of his soda and glanced in my direction. I swallowed a laugh. At my request, he would have helped me hogtie that little snitch years ago, then toss Danny into one of his daddy’s rusted-out fishing boats and shove him out of sight.

Footsteps came from behind. “Don’t ever let those stars in your eyes fade.” Clyde’s whisper hit my left ear.

A shake of my head sent the childhood memory back where it belonged. “Perhaps blood vessels from lack of sleep but hardly stars.” And it was time to end those sleepless nights and satisfy the hunger that consumed me.

The hunger for Jack Dodson.

While my recent dreams had him served up hot, naked and covered in blond hair on those cool white cotton sheets back in my king-sized bed in Mariana, I could accomplish the same on his bed here in Mesa Junction.

The place didn’t matter. The sexy man did.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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