Sold Another Story to Carina Press

So I’m really excited to announce that I’ve sold my first full length novel to Carina Press. It will come out sometime in the summer of 2011. With this story, I will have a new pen name of Abby Niles. I love having a new pen name to attach to a new genre that I will be published in.

Defying Convention is a contemporary romance full of humor. I loved writing this story, because of the setting.

Why you ask?

Because it is held at a Sci-fi/Fantasty convention.

You just can’t beat being able to play around with a setting like that.

Here is the UNOFFICIAL blurb to Defying Convention:

With a livid boss determined to humiliate her before firing her, reporter Emma Portland goes undercover at the 31st Annual GalaxyCon determined to unearth a news-worthy story and save her career. But what kind of scoop can she possibly find among geeks and freaks? Then she meets Luke Blaster, author of the bestselling Sci-fi series “Farmen” who is besieged by an angry mob of revenge-seeking fans. With each wacky LARP (Live Action Role Playing) she’s forced to participate in, she becomes certain that Luke’s easy smile and twinkling eyes hide a secret that could win back her job. But Luke’s unwillingness to talk about his past isn’t Emma’s only obstacle. The more time she spends with him, the more her feelings for him grow, and she becomes torn between falling in love and saving her career.

Luke Evens, a.k.a Luke Blaster, has more problems than unruly fans attacking him with foam swords and locking him in supply closets—even if he does get locked in with the delectable Emma. If anyone ever his discovered his secret, his life would be ruined. But meeting Emma brings hope for a future he didn’t believe possible. To make her his, Luke must relive a past so horrible even he doesn’t want to face it. Will telling her the truth finally set him free or will his heartfelt revelation pave the way to a betrayal he never saw coming?


Unknown said...

So exciting!!!

Cant wait for it!

Esme said...

Thanks, Leilani!

Nicole North said...

Congratulations, Esme!! Awesome news!! Sounds like a fun story!

Esme said...

Thanks Nicole!