Green is for Turf Gazing

One of my favorite pastimes is watching Major League baseball games, especially those played by my favorite team--The Baltimore Orioles. Recently my boyfriend and I attended their last game of the regular season. In addition to meeting and shaking hands with Boog Powell, watching Luke Scott in batting action, and being photographed with a celebrity, the day was filled with many inspirational and happy moments.

One of those blissful moments occurred as I filled my mind's eye with the glorious green of the turf and almost performed a dance of delight right there in the Club Section. Whether or not those avid fans enjoying beverages and ballpark treats would have enjoyed such an impromptu outburst will forever remain a mystery LOL

Usually I carry a steno pad to jot story ideas or character sketches during my travels. That day I used the backs of two promotional pages to record the ideas racing through my head. Baseball figures prominently in this romantic tale which may take more of a women's fiction or literary turn before the first-draft process is complete. This said since a week later we attended a fabulous World War II historical event. After hours of snapping photos and taking notes, I believe I've begun a special writing journey--a journey that may possibly encompass the brainstorming of two companion novels to make a trilogy.

Here's to those magical times when fun and creativity blend in the best way possible and give us authors and readers an ultimate gift.

Blessings and all the season's best,

Shawna Moore
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